heartless vets and newcomers


gc1458_2x1Under that go… HF is hiding the evil mischieving Mind. This wasn’t the first game of the night but Game Ranger had just updated and we all know what that means. Lots of crashes and kick-outs so no useful screenshots are available for me to brag about our incredible and flawless tactics on field… ehem… flawless until it fail… quite blatantly. Mines didn’t work this time neither running away which we for sure tried even going down on the score. Cause, you know, bravery is overrated :OP


gc1459_2x1Two new players showed up though one had an original game running. Yep. One of those that came on a CD, so we had to place him for this weekend to play after install the free version and the mod. The other one, Conglomera, truthfully drunk was a joy at ventrilo. I don’t know if it was the booze but he truly seemed to enjoy the games :O) As for the games themselves… Those two bloodthirsty bastards deserve to be buried in mines. That means they crushed us like egg shells. I hope they didn’t sleep well all week suffering from remorse… though, honestly, I doubt it. Also. That stealth thing has to be nerf. I mean. It’s ridiculous you can’t shot at jags at all unless is with scouts. And when I say at all I mean it. Not a single bullet, not a special. Absolutely invisible in plain sight. The same also for the principals. At least, in this map it’s ridiculous as it is.

gc1461_2x1In this one. (Evil) Mind smashed Conglomera’s APC jsut after landing. How he dares? as if this was about blowing each other’s stuff and getting point from it to win… well, ok, it is, but he’s a heartless psycho anyway. After that they cowardly dig in the north crater and well, We tried to play cowboys and indians against cowboys and as it usually happens in films, the cowboys won.

gc1463_2x1Mind went away and it was time for something crazy. It’s amazing how well the repair modules work when there’s no shields available. Yep. the noob host forgot to set the tech level to 6 :OP

Aaaand. That’s all for today, folks. See you on the ground!


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