tough damage and serial killers

We had some new toys to try: A new mod version and a new ventrilo server. Bth worked nicely, I think. In case you missed us last week, here are the details:

Port: 15748
Pass: GCvets

I couldn’t be online on Saturday but Friday was a very long and intense night sooo…


gc1411_2x1Elektro was already in this one and started here his crashing row. I’m sure Darix (here under the stylish name “Tairy Helsticles”) remembers him considering how he enjoyed bombing his fortress to debris. We tried a fast rush but a busy crowd of mining scouts made us change our minds and take a long detour and pay them a visit from their flank cause, you know, it’s horrible when your guests come bleeding and missing limbs for tea and we didn’t want to be rude.

gc1412_2x1Elektro did make it to the end in this one with a not bad at all score though nothing compared to that psycho-blood-thirsty-killer who makes himself call Ghat or whiteknight. Yeah. White sure. I bet under all the blood you couldn’t see any white bit if you where still alive to look for it… and yes. I’m just trying to distract you from the fact I have no idea what happened here. I must be getting old.

gc1416_2x1I do on the other hand remember the tough damage factor our noob host set for this one. I think no one really realized what was going on but we all were feeling something odd. Things were blowing up too easily and everything seemed overpowered. It took me around 20 mins to see what was happening. Around the same amount of time Carter needed to get oriented and start shooting at units. Hearing him asking “where are they?” at that point was really funny.

gc1421_2x1Horrible map to get behind on the score also horrible to be cut off from the rest and find yourself surrounded by the enemy as surely Darix (still Tairy Hesticles) could testify. I was as much lucky as he was unlucky at the very start of the game while trying to flank and avoid that ambush paradise that is the centre of this map. Then… well. We got a bit slaughtered. Not much. Just chopped to pieces then set on fire. You know. the right amount of slaughter. At least I had the pleasure of watching Ghat’s APC gently blowing up over my mines. Yeah. It felt good.

gc1425_2x1After several crashes we don’t know if related or not to the map choice we just went for an old DM1… just to see how elektro crashed again in the middle of the game. Just exactly when his fortress was about to be burnt to ashes. After that the remaining brave fighters in the team did what we do best. We ran like rabbits chased by wolves. And, as it seems we did run fast enough to save our asses :O)

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground, miladies.


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