slow-mo and sparks of epicness


Hey there!
It’s not that I’ve managed to finish everything that’s holding me back and slowly killing me but let’s say one third is done and the other two are just progressing soooo…. Let’s make a little report cause some of the games from last weekend surely deserve so.


gc1152_2x1The whole game went in slow motion for me. Not only because the big lag but also because I was reeeeeally tired. The fact that people seemed to be letting their squads still under enemy arty fire did help a lot to build that impression though I guess that last thing was because they were somewhere else dealing with someone’s friendly efforts to blow them up. Summarizing. It was a mess and the only screen I managed to get from a that day. Pity because that scout-free chalkpit was worth reporting.


gc1153_2x1The night started for me with a yellow demon and a crazy nobody-knows-how big numbers by my side. It was an active one. So active I have no idea how Marcos managed to get all those kills. I remember him packed at the top of the map and yet, somehow, he harvested 40 kills from neverending waves of meds and beams that almost engulfed Ghat and me in the very beginning of the macth.

gc1155_2x1Marcos disappeared which led to a row of rematches with the forbidden team (Carter has the theory Ghat and I shouldn’t play together cause we metamorph into half naked dancers and hypnotize everyone on the field… or something like that) This one was great. I landed by error with a health pack instead a radar and lost quite some stuff very early in the game but we dug into the very only hill in flatland and made a goddamn fortress of it. Special mention to the last mines and the crazy chase of the last APC with a full black bar for literally minutes.

gc1156_2x1But we ran out of luck and this time Sarvik’s flank was like a monstrous hammer kick. It felt like a row of domino pieces falling one after the other starting with my APC full of fresh infantry leaving me with a single scout and a single dying med to cover Ghat also without APC… From then on there wasn’t much game to tell.

gc1162_2x1Crazy time! Well… that was the intention. The small team was allowed to bring air whereas the bigger one wasn’t but I almost never bring air so it was just a little fuck-they-are-all-over-the-place craziness. We tried our best though, as you can see, wasn’t by far good enough.

gc1165_2x1Then came Carter to balance teams again and holy fuck it was epic. We landed top left and after stopping a couple of rushing attempts from south Tried to control all the north edge. I say tried cause we stepped quite soon on a big red menacing ball. So back we went and hold our DZ. They attacked fiercely both from South and East but each time they managed to penetrate our first lines There were Ghat’s Crays to give them an efussive explosive welcome. Seriously. It was awesome.

Aaaaan that’s all for today. Se you on the ground, my beloved ladies.


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