so little time

Well… It’s been a while. Mostly because reality, that bad, bad girl, has me kidnapped and leaves me no time for holidays, life or even GC. I’ve only played four games in the last two weeks. The same number as in, at least, the last month and a half so I’ll pack them all in a single post and see if I can make it in time for a game this night.

Saturday 13:

gc1080_2x1After a long absence I came to a Game Ranger room full of new names and a game already running though after that game all those new guys just left and I had a nice nostalgic DM1. Justinian, back after a way longer absence than mine set a base on the Dunes of cowards (south east corner). The very landing spot. They landed on top of us so as Shpooky went away to play alone I decided to try and defend that corner. It went reasonably well… until we had to run away outnumbered. When we reached Shpooky’s disidents, although ahead on the score, we were almost done.

gc1081_2x1I would rather preferred to play something less “wingy” but people was clamming for an air game and I was too happy to be playing to argue at all. It was uncomfortable, messy and cheesy but, hey! it was fun to see that red lands again.

Friday 19:

gc1083_2x1Shpooky declined to play this map so he was just watching. I don’t like it much either, to be honest. Things went reasonably well from the beginning. We were behind on the score but not too much and they were losing too much stuff. Luck favoured us with at least four missing Janice specials. Three on my beams and one on that drone that probably gave us the edge at the end flanking north out of radar range.

gc1088_2x1It was intense. Ventrilo communications were smooth and were the key to hold positions until the very end. It was a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds but Fire’s remaining forces slipped through the fingers of a very angry mob coming north looking for blood and revenge… Damn I hope I had more time :O)

And that’s all for now, my sweet lovely daisies.
See you on the ground!


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