Yep. That’s a new patch version and yes. the sudden numbering jump to 1.2 of the previous one was way too optimistic. Anyway. here you have the file and here the changes it adds. As always, you’ll have to replace the data2.sdf you’ll find on your GC/data/ folder.

Now, the report.


gc1053_2x1Despite the few screenshots featured in this post, it was a very active weekend but also one with maaany early leavers and ragequits so I was left with just this four useful pics. This was a 3vs2 with balanced squads (the small team brought three DS each the big team two) we were just too slow. I managed to stop Sarvik’s early east flank but lost too many units there. Then I came back to my team mates defensive fortress. Too static not so defensive as it didn’t manage to hold the constant pressure Ghat and Sarvik applied from absolutely all open sides.

gc1054_2x1We got far way ahead on the score after catching Carter’s army unsupported and unaware though then, I have not really idea how, they recovered, make a come back and defended the score much more effectively than we did transforming that eastern flat circular hill in a proper castle tower.


gc1057_2x1They tried a two sides attack leaving Darix to push alone with his perfectly synchronized arty on the west side while Ghat and Shpooky tried to break down the east border. So after a brief help we left Mind to hold and suffer that arty while Marcos and I faced the evil yellow demon and his eventual sidekick. I was quite lucky to find a weak spot and take in a two waved med attack a whole squad of ghat’s meds, almost a beam one, Shpooky’s arty and a couple of rockets. Then they swung to the other side to join Darix and try a full frontal attack but so did we leading to a bloody intense desperate last fight over the south west slope.

gc1062_2x1I suffered this. We all suffered this. the fight was fierce at both sides of the central pass not a single meter was conceded for free but Darix’s crayplay made the difference and with his 43 kills just bleed us dry. I found it very amusing when after the match Stat admitted to be shocked of Darix performance as he though he was just an average player. I laughed a lot. Darix hasn’t been average since looong time ago. It’s funny how each player perceive so differently other players’ strength.

Aaaaaand… Why so serious?


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  1. Haha, I actually remember having the same realization that Darix has gotten a lot better in time. That was quite some time ago though 🙂

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