Ground Control wouldn’t be the same without small rivalries here and there. From the ones between top players to the new grunts on the scene battling with their honour on the stake. Lucky me I have none ^,..,^

Here you have one very, very fun game between our most recent rookies. It’s a pity GC won’t let you see both sides of the battle at the same time.

And now wearing still that smile let’s start the report.


gc1035_2x1It seems I’m having problems getting used to this map. I honestly though I was doing ok until I saw the score few minutes before the end. Darix fought fiercely closing all possible flanks while Carter and Shpooky managed to keep winning in a sort of jam ball in the middle. Mind’s crays worked fine but neither Marcos or I seemed to be able to break through.

gc1037_2x1Luckily this time there weren’t so many mines as it usually are in this map. They split the forces between the dropzones and tried a very early rush with not much luck. From there they kept attacking forming a wide south front with an again really agresive Darix coming up along the eastern border. Just few minutes to the end we were winning but badly wounded. They were coming in a last suicidal attack that looked really frightening and then Inter dropped a full fresh third dropship. Like a fucking boss.

gc1038_2x1Air on… I hate it. Shpooky made us a favour and tried a fast bomber rush which ended in a sort of fireworks exhibition. From there and using the chaos built in the middle we flanked north slowly pushing the remaining forces in a painful retreat.

gc1041_2x1I have no idea what went wrong. It was a mess. I just lost one squad after the other and so did all our team except for Marcos who after hiding in a corner for a while decided to come back and kill some things.

gc1044_2x1Teams were shpooky’s idea. I must say. The map is nice but too big for just 4. They decided to dig in a fortress at their dropzone and wait so after some long minutes trying to find where the hell those units were I grabbed the score with a fast strike to the corner without radar or crays. From there they should have moved quickly to try to regain it but Marcos was undecided and shpooky was too focused on his jags while his rockets’s crew was playing cards among the dusty mountains.


gc1045_2x1Not a good map for a 3vs4 and not a good time to be brave but Inter is always a brave among braves and found himself outnumbered in the middle of no man’s land. With the score and numbers against we did all we could to stay alive as long as possible. We couldn’t shot for more than that. Special mention to the mining trap Stat built on 6. It didn’t last long but it seems it was enough to catch some nice prey.

gc1047_2x1Close and fought to the very end. They built a rock solid fort on one of the hills and got ahead on the score. After some waves we pushed them out but still winning. Then Inter managed to run away with his badly damaged APC in teh last minute after we got 2 point ahead on the score by mob-killing Shpooky’s arties with a bunch of specless meds and APCs. Really, really intense.

gc1050_2x1And here one very disappointing game. The map is nice but unlike Heavy Metal 2 this one can be won just placing units on the three flagzones leaving the other team with a stupid face and a horrible feeling. At least that was  how I felt first time I discovered this.

Anyway. See you on the ground, folks. Watch out. There could be bad people behind every corner waiting to blow you up.


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