the self lagging man


With Marcos battle cry filling every space we tried once and again different hosts hoping to shush that repeating “laaaaaaag” line that seemed to fill everything. No success though. On Saturday I had something like a life emergency call. That’s when life call to your door and you can’t send it to fuck off no matter how much you would like so I wasn’t online. Mind told me they let Marcos host so he could complain about a lag with himself. No. It’s not a joke. He actually did. Draw your own quite simple conclusions.

Anyway. I just managed to capture two screenshots on Friday so today’s report will be quite short. On the other hand if you want to read a lot about GC you can visit this recently revived thread about GC and the obscure incantations that would be needed to raise its soul in flames over Krig 7B… or something similar.


gc1021_2x1Guess who crashed? Yep. That’s right. Marcos did. And despite that those two evil bloodthirsty monsters almost won the game. They did an amazing job and it took us almost 20 minutes to get ahead on the score. Guys. Take a bow.

gc1025_2x1Darix suggested this pain of a map and I’m for sure happy he was the one who suffered it more. In fact, as you can see he had already left when we managed to wipe the other team out of the map. Need to mention both Kieran appearance after a long time and Mind bold early attack which gave us score and some tranquillity. But that wasn’t enough for me to forgive his two last map choices… I don’t even remember the names but they were… well. A real pain.

Also. Marcos may be a bit… difficult sometimes but for sure he has become a GC star in a manner of speaking. Here you have two new Sand Table episodes with him as main subject

See you on the ground, miladies.


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