addiction levels

As with any good drug, when you have tested it, you come back for more. It may take more or less depending on your addiction level, but you come back as Syla did last weekend after a looooooong absence. It was nice to see the “+++” once again on the field. Mine was shorter. Just a week but I needed my dose e I hope Crinckle’s addiction kicks in fast. I miss him. I also miss Joxer but in this case the reason is just work. (If you read this, the guys say hi)


gc1000_2x1Flat among the flattest. Which could have been a really good point in our favour but I was really slow. In fact, to be honest, I shouldn’t have been on the small team but bravery and foolishness are soooo similar.

gc1001_2x1As you can see on the top of the screenshot, Shpooky was the fourth in the other team. We got trapped at the bottom right corner and although at the beginning we managed to control all the south border it felt like the map was actually vertical and some kind of gravity was dropping squad after squad over us.

gc1002_2x1At last on the big team. It was a relief. A modest one considering the three bad beasts that formed the other team but I really thanked that.gc1004_2x1Ghat loves the map. I, on the contrary, am not very fond of it. The only comfortable places to move are in fact the pyramids and the rest of the map is basically a bunch of abandoned trenches among trees. Luckily after suffering his army here several times I’ve learned where not to go and meanwhile Mind and Darix did a laudable defence I flanked a couple of times taking some interesting and tasty trophies. Yep. You can call me opportunist :OP

gc1006_2x1I won’t pretend I remember anything of this one I was just waiting for it to end and go bed…

gc1007_2x1But they were uneven and I’m weak so there was another one more. Tower is a more friendly terrain for me than DM3 so I was able to do some proper play though, again, can’t remember too much about it. Sorry.


gc1012_2x1Fresh, rested and encouraged for the horny insinuations of Darix we faced a fast game to star t the night. They moved nice but Darix was brilliant and while he was distracting Ghat and Mind, Syla and me took care of Shpooky who though that digging in the corner would save him this time. It didn’t ^,..,^

gc1016_2x1Syla left soon as the Atomic Rabbits always did. Marcos is the one missing in this screen as he will in the rest. He addopted the war cry “laagggggggggg” under which I think he didn’t finish a game that night. We’ll never know how true the cry was. The game was just great. At least for us. They tried to push at first by west, but as Ghat and Sarvik were decided to not let them a single inch they packed and migrate in a loooong line under our radar to the east side just to meet the friendly receive Ghat’s rockets had prepared.

gc1019_2x1Balancing teams was a pain as we knew we were going to be eight at the start but never for how long. We did our best but, obviously, wasn’t enough. They just overwhelmed us entering from right and left.

gc1020_2x1I lost count of how many units I lost to mines, one after the other, and Carter’s APC miraculously surviving everything. At this point I was just too tired and felt a bit guilty when I sent most of my army remains to a corner cause I wasn’t able to deal with everything leaving my team mates with no APC. We were doomed by then but we could have done something more. Well. At least we got Ghat’s APC at last.

And that’s all folks. More in few moments on the ground!


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