World trends, Ground Control and other news

The progressive and continuous march of the globalized world has seen great achievements in technology. The economies and markets have gradually opened their doors to world competition, companies hire the best possible employees from abroad which brought new solutions but also new problems in our way of life. Technology of course can be used to various ends, one of them is in the gaming industry. These days we have games that give us really the ultimate experience in terms of graphics and realism, so real that almost frightens the eye.

The competition obliges the companies to find new solutions to appeal to more people as possible, security is increasing and counter-piracy measures are being taken, all of this and many other things contributed to the gaming industry we have these days.
One of the things that I notice is the trend to focus releases on consoles and leave the PC versions for later or to not release at all, the reason behind this is also the problem of piracy. The truth is that the consoles these days have great games but they come at a high cost, the average game cost is around 60euros€ (if you buy 4 games you reach the price of your console which means a considerable investment for the “hardcore gamer”), which is not affordable to a big percentage of people, the quality and originality is well paid.

On the other hand, we also find an interesting amount of free games, most of them come with multilayer platforms, are adapted to run on older machines and are highly competitive such as: DOTA, War Thunder, World of Tanks, TrackMania Nations, League of Legends, Team Fortress, etc, etc, etc…
Some of these “free-to-play” games are head-to-head to normal games, but some others are at a completely different level creating a group of “lesser” games that are no match for the big tittles. People seem to neglect the true value of free-to-play games given the absence of a price tag.

Even being free, Ground Control struggles to be found, like many other games it could be featured at the Steam platform as a free-to-play game, attracting for sure more people, or available on other dynamic platforms…
After so many years Ground Control is a game that could have a very important word to say as a free game and or alternative to mainstream games, it could be on the top downloads/users.

In other news, we have new videos on youtube to report in case you haven’t seen them:

The SandTable – Old Jaegs new Temps – by Carter

GCVets Out takes by Ninja_Prime

DM7 Fear by Ninja_Prime

DM Frogger by Ninja_Prime

Usefull ventrilo tutorial by Ninja_Prime


5 responses to “World trends, Ground Control and other news

  1. lately I am not able to play GC perfectly, ping is very high above 1000 a 2500 ,wanted to know because I can not be host?,when I’m host ping is 50 a 100,If progressing well I will not attend more games ;( . to change the team number 1 min delay,to change force too.My internet is not bad, is the distance That disrupts the connection,Please understand ,I need another host to play,thanks.Google translator does not help much, try understand message

    • Hello Marcos,

      You have been having problems lately, but we all have been having problems with hosts these days, mainly because crinckle isn’t present these last few weeks. There is no problem with you being host, the issue is that not everyone can connect to your games and we can all (you included) connect to the games created by Whiteknight or Ninja_Prime or Nox, therefore its better if we are all together instead of being separated. Perhaps it would also help if you turn off your firewall and other parallel programs that might give you even more lag, this is my sugestion, until then we have to patiently wait a reliable host.

  2. do the games lag for you when i host Marcos?? if not ill try hosting more often and if it still lag’s ill get tom to host for me

  3. The hosting has always been an issue with GR, it sometimes gets worse when there is an update with GR. I know I have to keep resetting my compatibility mode in W8 every time there is an update, otherwise I can’t join games or even host. Until we find a better alternative I guess we shall have to be patient and just play as best we can.

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