guerrilla tactics

“You host”
“No. You host”
“I can’t cause *** can’t join my games”
“I can’t either cause xxx can’t join mines”
“We have people for two rooms. I’ll open a second”
“Hey! Why are you all going to the other room?”
… That was, quite close, last weekend. Oh. and if you haven’t noticed by the recent blog activity boost: Mind is back! ^,..,^ (And so is Darix though no news about Crinckle’s whereabouts)


gc978_2x1They split forces and meanwhile Darix and Reaper tried to bury us in mines at first and break through later, Ghat was actually checking Mind rustiness level. He got a nasty surprise.

gc979_2x1They tried to avenge their armies on DM6 treacherous surface again with a fork attack and surely tried hard but coordination was not good enough to get over our positions. Reaper was complaining about being the attacker all the time but damn hell I couldn’t do anything before they were falling on us… I felt a bit like a fat ass.

gc981_2x1Then both Mind and Reaper left and we found out who was really winning the games… This was punishment. Proper punishment. A fast attack took our flank while trying to set up and well. It rained cats, dogs and specs from everywhere. It hurt.


gc983_2x1We got score and a fortress on the southern hill and then lost it. Ok. No problem. I’ll grab that wandering blue APC… Done. Score back and then… a janice… No problem! we’ll just commit suicide trying to take over their fortress… and Done!!! Suicide was a complete success.

gc984_2x1They charged us with Darix as spearhead spurring his team mates on as if it were D-day. Simply overwhelming. We tried to coil but by then Shpooky had cut all possible retreat.

gc985_2x1As you can see Elektro is the name missing on the screen. I have also to mention the great job and coordination Carter and Mind performed. I basically did nothing but give points away and wander around trying to annoy. well. Maybe I got a couple of APCs but not much more than that. They slowly ground their positions combining drone and arty until we got the score back. Congratulations guys!

gc986_2x1Oh! they tried. They tried really hard and almost got through advancing under the shadows down the western border… but they forgot their rear and I’m always kind to pay a visit asking for a nice cup of coffee. I’m lovely. I know :O)

gc988_2x1They got us. They really got us exhausted and blocked with a combination of arty fire and Jags’ snipping… but they, again, forgot to close the back door and while Mind was sacrificing some rockets as bait, our both APCs showed up with a full load of infantry ready to burn the house down… It was fucking hilariously great.

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground in few minutes!


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