“Ground Control”… What?!

Without any room for doubt when you hear or see the words “Ground Control”, you immediately associate them with the game we play here every week. Those epic battles… the Crayven heavy tanks… Nox’s APC exploding with infantry in it. But is it really?
This afternoon, in a vague hope to find other facebook pages dedicated to Ground Control, I ended up truly surprised, and not because there were many, but the different uses that these two words can have…

So, lets start at the beginning. Are you a horse aficionado? Do you need new shoes for your favourite animal? wait no further and please contact at once “Ground Control Horseshoes” and “make your horse more comfortable!” 

horse shoes

I sincerely hoped that was it… until I stumbled into this treasure… recognise something?

gc band

YES! It is the Ground Control game logo! And that is also the name & logo of this rock band from Chicago, a total copy from our beloved game! how dare they… Have a look at this link.
Maybe one of them played GC, who knows…

Oh well, this is one more story to entertain you guys while its not Friday, we really must save Ground Control for the good side, lol.

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