Homeworld 1&2 remastered vs Ground Control(?)

Since i am not the only fan of Homeworld series here on this community, I decided to make a quick post about it.
What is happening with Homeworld series these days is a good example of what could be happening to Ground Control.
At this instant, Gearbox Software, is remastering the Homeworld Series, the work is progressing since the announcement of their purchase of the IP. When the rights over a game go from “hand to hand” usually the gaming community is left in doubts without knowing for sure the plans of a company. Fortunately Gearbox was from the beginning clear about their true intentions, as you can see on this announcement.(04.22.13)

excerpt from the original post:
“Brian intends as first priority to direct Gearbox’s interest to preserve and assemble the purest form of the original acclaimed and beloved games, Homeworld and Homeworld 2, with the intent of making them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms.

Please visit the Gearbox Software Forums to share with us and Brian what you think should be done with Homeworld moving forward.”

This sort of public declaration of intent has set a clear distinction between Gearbox and the former owner of the Homeworld series (THQ). Gearbox asked the fans what they wanted, they talked with the former artists from the original game(and hired some of them),etc etc. From THQ nothing was heard, doubts and false hopes year by year fulfilled the minds of the fans, but more than that: the remastering of this beautiful game is only possible today because THQ was forced to sell a bunch of tittles due to bankruptcy. The fate of Homeworld is safe, for now.

Here in our community we know well the feeling of the homeworld fans when the game was in control of THQ(2007-2013), a parallelism can be made with the current situation of Ground Control series that seem to be forever lost in silence on the hands of a company that nothing shows, that nothing does but to give false hope. if it takes bankruptcy to free Ground Control I personally hope it arrives soon, if not, that some other solution is found.

Anyway, here’s a video exposing the progress on HW remastered, what we hope to see for GC’s future, have fun!

15 responses to “Homeworld 1&2 remastered vs Ground Control(?)

    • In the case of Ground Control we would be indeed the ones more indicated to look after its future, mostly because we like it besides a simple business opportunity.

      I hope the day comes where I can see with GC what is happening right now with Homeworld…


  1. nooooooo my comp is too crappy to play new HW D: its time to get new computer (just so that i can play new HOMEWORLD ๐Ÿ˜€ thats my only reason)

  2. oh i did know about this ๐Ÿ˜€ what was his face???? crash normal remember him? he told me about the remakes then i saw echos post about the ship breakers trailer what was it she said….. gc and hws baby? or somthing like that IDK anymore my brain in frying (DAMN YOU SCHOOL!!!!!!!) my only weakness……………..

  3. was it just me or was there a vaygr flag on that ship?? nooo i love the vaygr my fave faction………..don’t be dead……. oh that reminds me when does ship breakers take place in the hw universe?

  4. Hey Mind I am a fan of HW, great game play and easy to get into, but like GC very difficult to truly master! I’ve got HW and HWC, it’s great to see that they are re-releasing the title, I am looking forward to it.

    • Hello Ninja,

      Great to see more people fan of HW here with us i am too looking forward to it! I am not sure thought if they will remaster Cataclysm, i don’t think so. just HW 1&2.

      • I also had a look at the other game they are developing “Shipbreakers” reminds me of Dune the RTS game. I am not really a fan of RTS games, do you know what the game play is like? is there base building eyc? The footage, if that is actual game footage looks very retro and not attractive IMO, I understand it’s still in Beta, so hopefully it will improve by the time it’s actually released.

  5. Indeed it also reminded me of dune specially because of the desert planet Arrakis which is similar to Kharak planet from Homeworld, I have read somewhere that Shipbreakers was originally not going to be part of the HW series, but after Gearbox acquired it they decided that “hardware shipbreakers” would be “homeworld shipbreakers” a prequel instead of a sequel of HW, i believe the development is still very raw and it will be a 3d-rts in some ways (my opinion) much alike GC.

  6. no it will be like home world but on the ground you have a moveable base that produces units (your mother ship) but for ship breakers it will be base runners………. since its on the ground mines and turrets will actually be useful ๐Ÿ˜€ YAY!!!! and mind the only thing i see that is the same between ground control and ship breakers is that units will be in squads

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