Though the version numbering sounds quite premature here we have another update to the mod.
You can check the update changes here. But in a nutshell it does things to the turrets and goes a step further in making Cray not Cray.
In another order of things this week we also have Stat as guest reporter from the Krig 7B surface so for once you’ll have a properly english written report of a couple of games.

I’ll start with those.


EJrEkVi_2x1 Alright – this 3v2 was Ghat’s idea, with Stat as Player. We grabbed an early lead, which was stolen mid game by a nasty push from what feels like everywhere by Ghat and Darix! We were only a few points behind, but Stat and Carter didn’t have many offensive units, and darix had at least 3 beams, and maybe 2 med squads left, in addition to scattered units from Ghat. We were confident we had this game, considering how many units Shpooky had left ….. until we looked and realized that he brought a WHOLE DROPSHIP OF LIGHTS. After a huge hint from stat (light specs can wreck APCs), Shpooky instead launched them all into ghat’s AMSed rockets, the hellfires of which happily ate the lights for dinner (the whole dropship disappeared in SECONDS). Stat placed some offensive rocket turrets, which gradually wore down darix’s empty beams – and Ghat responded by sending AMSed heavies to kill them. Little did Ghat know, the turrets were bait!!! Stat then sneakily sent Heavies with health packs to kill the AMSed heavies!! The health-packed heavies killed the AMSed heavies, without losing a single unit, over an extremely prolonged period of time (during which they somehow narrowly avoided rockets and beams who hunted them). Darix finally killed the turrets using inf, and Carter responded by promptly artying the inf :D Scared and afraid, the tense team of two then scattered their remaining units across the battlefield with 8 minutes left on the clock!


vwtFwF4_2x1 We pleaded Shpooky to take a more serious loadout this time, and he happily complied! We landed southwest, Ghat/darix landed northwest. Shpooky scouted to the north, while Carter and Stat expanded to the East. After a peek with jeagers/vision from the top of the pyramid, we spotted the enemy setting up shop northeast, and we promptly set up our defensive lines through top mid, to mid, to southeast. With some careful playing, we had score lead the entire game, and playing from the hilltops granted us magic accuracy bonuses from the GC temple gods 🙂 Unlike the previous game, we had lots left at game over – we would apologize for the slaughter, but we weren’t the ones who volunteered for it


gc963_2x1It was a busy night with two rooms and plenty of games though most of them were gradually abandoned by the contenders so there are no screens to report. I was pretty tired that night and remember everything as in a mist of sleepiness. They defended well, pretty tight and solid the south east corner and despite our constant attempts to enter we achieved nothing.

gc966_2x1Shame on us for losing this one and cheers to Reaper for his performance. He managed very well to coordinate his team and play with them to to overwhelm and smash us against to top border.

EDIT: HEre you have a video by Ninja Prime of an horrendous DM7. Horrendous for my team, great for them, I guess. Check it out!


gc972_2x1Much more recovered and bristly I felt on Saturday. Ghat took me by surprise in the first early clash but I spotted his APC in a glance and decided to commit a small suicide attack guessing there was also his radar. I was right. The suicide was worth it. After that we had a nice exibition of what the health packs can do on rockets against specless units: a massacre.

gc975_2x1This was rockets night. Here Inter gave us a very nice exhibition of what rockets with the powerplant can do: fly. Not literally but almost. Seriously guys… ¬.¬ On the other hand Ghat didn’t want to stay put and leave Inter alone in the exhibition business so he went and gave his personal version of a rear rolling-over flank attack. It was a really painful game.

gc976_2x1A very close one. Ghat and Inter took out our only radar (Yes. You read it right. We had just one radar) meanwhile Stat and Sarv were on a country trip admiring the landscapes and whispering love vows to each other and as it seems an enemy drone. After that we managed I don’t know how to stay alive and even getting the score back completely blind. We were fucking lucky.

That’s all for today. See you on the ground.


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