the art of trolling

Back to normality which includes Game Ranger doing funny things and me being lazy and posting late… you are welcome. I did some changes on the maps section and included the list of changes the mod adds.
The Sand table has also released a new episode played on DM4 from two weeks ago.

Check it out!

Now, the report.


gc902_2x1Sarvik seems to have very extreme kinds of luck. There are the games where he dance around everyone in a opera of fire and destruction and there are the games like this one. When he loses almost half of his army APC included in the first minutes.

gc904_2x1I think Marcos is the early leaver on our team. We got trapped on the top right corner but after some very hard effort and partly thanks to the eastern passage we managed to advance and flank them. We were leading  and suddenly we quickly lost it all. hardly comes, easy goes. I guess.

gc905_2x1And again. We were doing not that bad. We were leading until they set a fort on the top of the central peaks we failed to attack while Sarvik was on teh contrary quite successful flanking us South. A bit of a big messgc910_2x1Reaper is the one missing this time on the screen. He did a pretty good job flanking by the very south while we were dealing with Ghat’s and Crinkle attempts to take over our positions but all in all we were able to hold it tight.



gc916_2x1After several problems with Game Ranger we set this DM2…  We all know what happens when 1 team drops at the centre and the other finds itself trapped in one of the holes. It was a slaughter.

gc918_2x1A nice one. Everyone ran North and I wasn’t able to hold our DZ so I found myself unable to drop the third DS until the very last minute. Shpooky had courteously spoilt/trolled the two last games of the previous night and would have done so if we had to retreat, score ahead, to this corner he so efficiently built. gc917_2x1Thanks, shpooky. I won’t forget.

gc924_2x1Reaper is the one missing on the screen. It was as intense and active from the very beginning as you coould expect when Stat is involved. They made a very tough frontal charge while slowly and parsimoniously cleared with artillery the north sector of mines to then rain on us like hungry dogs.

gc929_2x1Justinian seems to have fixed his weird slow frame rates under w8 in a very over-elaborate way I couldn’t repeat or explain. However it was. He is back :O) but rusty :OP

And that’s all for today. See you in few moments on the ground… if GR wants.



12 responses to “the art of trolling

  1. You forgot to mention that once we spotted shpooky’s auto cannon base, we brought up my artillery piece and started to shell it from a distance… After which, everyone on your side rushed south from the base.

    • That’s because the clock ran out. If the clock hadn’t been short, you would’ve never gotten that arty.

  2. I legitimately lolled at Shpooky’s turret field troll. Lol this reminds me too much of the absurd ways my bro would would come up with to not-so-legitimately beat me in games.

    Please, keep up the postings! ^^ In other news, though no tool exists so far, it would be super helpful if there was some kind of graph showing how long certain units lived per game, per team (in addition to team unit counts). It also helps the post-game bragging rights 😉


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