Templars’ infestation


Hi there little psychos.

Last weekend I was abroad trying to do something in an drag queen contest (it was actually a photography contest but I know the drag queen theme will make Stat happy and probably quite horny) so I had to play from my laptop with an obnoxious connection that turned out to be better at hosting than mine even behind a NAT router which seriously makes me ponder the option of disabling the NAT in my router and see ig GR likes it more… Anyway. Because of the above there are few games to report but first: There is a thread on the forum with a poll open for all you to vote if we should keep doing what we have been doing… or something like that. Be sure to go there, read it carefully and vote!


gc001_2x1After downloading the files and installing everything or almost everything I finally was able to land my dropships to find the lag-like was a shit. I say lag-like because the ping wasn’t actually bad (around 250ms) but the screen froze every few seconds which made playing quite challenging. I think Reaper is the one missing in screen. He got slaughtered trying to get out from the pit that fortune gave us. I have to say that all in all we didn’t do that bad.

gc005_2x1With my lovely freezing screen I decided to try to play safe and just help here and there. It worked quite fine and I even got Fire’s APC in a suicidal flank. Merit has to go to my team mates cause I wasn’t really of much help.

gc009_2x1We found again a weird bug. No start button for default maps when playing with new people… No idea why. I hosted and against all odds it worked quite fine. Not enough as it seems to win this one but we gave a good fight. Specially Crinckle’s infantry in one of those funny rambo endings.

gc014_2x1“who was the stupid that set 25 minutes for a 2vs3?” … Me.
Crinckle was right. It’s too much and in fact we could have won if I just have set 1 minute less. We did a good defence, a quite nice retreat but with Fire watching us and Carter’s turrets closing the middle we couldn’t run far enough. Needs to mention a nice new tactic used by Shpooky that implies running like mad towards your enemy with your APC full of tempars armed with penetrators. Those who say the don’t work: you are damn wrong.

Aaaaaand… that’s all. See you on the ground!


5 responses to “Templars’ infestation

  1. Yeah about that last one. According to Carter, I was the guy running the “spy satellite” or something like that. That’s how we knew your position at the end.

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