monsters for a day

Hi there everyone. A nice weekend with some new people logging in and some amazing performances by evil vets. There’s also something gestating in the shadows of the forum to give us all new reasons to blow up each other with tons of love and explosions.


gc889_2x1There were a couple of games before this one (special mention to the 8 drone loadout by shpooky which made the night for Crinkle) but again, people leaving soon, disconnections… Anyway. We started holding ok thanks to some mines and well timed helps but they kept pressing from everywhere and with an outstanding coordination. It was too much.

gc890_2x1 You know those days when everythign works as a clock and everything you attempt succeed? well. Sarvik had one of those days. 75 is a monster performance even in a 3DS 3vs4 Also. People complained after this one about the effectiveness of my mines… I had 1 scout! Those mines were mostly Sarvik’s and Reaper’s. Abaout the game… It was fucking amazing!

gc893_2x1Another beastly performance by Sarvik. This map will probably end up being one of the usual Despite being quite big is designed so the action is mostly condensed in a dangerous no-man-land in the middle. As a suggestion I would say: Bring arty! or you’ll end up covered in mines.


gc894_2x1Sarvik had not the same luck as the day before. What he had was some annoying occasional black screens and left this game after few minutes and so did Inter… then I’ll just say. Shame on us. We should have crushed them and we miserably lost. Shame on us… twice.

gc896_2x1Aaaahhhhh. Old Dm4. I love it. We landed on the bad DZ but they landed far away so we had time to get out of the pit and set a base. They performed a nice fork attack got the score and retreated just in time to meet my friendly rear visit with what was left of my army. It worked quite well and only Ghat’s scared APC survived the party.

gc898_2x1As I said. Despite being big is playable even for a 2vs2. They got a bit tangled trying to set up positions and got behind on the score. From there their attempts to attack weren’t very lucky except for some bold templars with the new sexual penetrator. It’s amazingly useful.
Two things:
– I still find some inconsistencies with the cloak behaviour. Sometimes it makes templars disappear in open terrain and sometimes in almost the same conditions don’t. Sorry I can’t be more precise but I think there must be a glitch or bug somewhere there.
– Turrets are a horrible idea.

See you on the ground, guys. (though this weekend I’ll be playing with a laptop with a horrible connection… if I make it)


4 responses to “monsters for a day

  1. Nice one SARVIC, getting over 70 points in a game is one hell of an achievement, great to see that my maps are starting to get played on a regular basis, Frogger still looks a fun map to play. Sorry I couldn’t be there to join you guy’s, been real busy at the moment with life! I will try and join again soon.

    • Your maps have become regularly played long ago, man. Hope to see you soon helping us stopping this monsters to grow stronger :0)

  2. Glad to see others brazilians playing! For a long time it was just me and my brother in GC. But im still the best!

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