Mixing weeks

Hi there, little ladies.

As Last week I was online just on Saturday and the previous one that night was in practical terms non-existent I’ll mix both weekends in this report So:

Friday (11/7):

gc866_2x1Reaper tried hard to flank  the eastern edge of the central mountain chain but fell flat in the attempt. After that his too slow team mates had a hard time trying to assault us.

gc869_2x1This one was way more balanced. I was too busy dealing with Darix at north to pay attention to what Crinkle was doing at south. I just knew there was a green mob moving where it wasn’t supposed to be but whatever it were, it was driving Mind nuts and giving us score advantage.

gc872_2x1The map has a great name but it could also be named “DM Nighatmare” or “DM Move if you can” I really hated it. Moving units was a pain and watching units pathfinding was like grabbing a bunch of drunk retards and convince them to chase their imaginary tails… Deserve a special mention some very good shots by Marcos. Seems the roockie is learning :O)

gc875_2x1Nice map… Horrible turrets. I know it’s my personal crusade but this was an example of why they are a bad idea. We were losing by some points at 8 minutes to end the game. Both sides were at this moment considerably worn out and our last option was to make a desperate last attack and hope for some lucky brilliance to try to win that… but we couldn’t attack. There were a net of turrets and any assault was impossible. No specs left, no option to destroy them as they are to resilient and had too much firepower which leads to an endgame where you just can sit  and wait or just commit suicide. And this is a flat map… They kill the fun.

Saturday (19/7)

gc884_2x1Nice to meet new players. Here you have vitor, some Marcos friend, and Helo a very old vet as you could deduce from his SSC tag which happened to be a reasonably good host. Weeeeeeeeee! ^,..,^ It was a very good performance by a drunk Darix but Helo veterany weighted enough to incline the fate in our favour.

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground!


21 responses to “Mixing weeks

  1. Crayven is an unbalanced faction. It recently go ONE class of specials which finally gives it an equal chance on open terrain: turrets. Since Crayven heavies, rockets and mains are still totally outclassed by Order on open terrain, this leaves us with turrets.

    I have little sympathy.

  2. No matter who have them. Werther they are Cray or OND’s their function and characteristics kill game options. They are simply a bad idea.

    • You mean they kill the ability for beams to move up and rape rockets, heavies and mains with total impunity. Hitting 100% invulnerability shields then quickly retreating while Crayven units sit there with useless AMS or useless repair modules, being destroyed mercilessly.

      Crayven has been a crippled faction for years in open turf. (And with the turrets, Crayven is still relegated to kid brother support status.)

      Now you’re getting a little bit of the taste of being on the other side, and you’re complaining.

      I still have no sympathy.

      • You mean, it’s not like the old Ground Control. Where beams were the lord of the battlefield, and could destroy rockets and heavies with impunity. (Look up “impunity”. It describes a situation where one unit can attack the other while maintaining totally invulnerability.)

        I’ll tell you, Nox. I’ve always preferred the look-and-feel of Crayven – l like the military style – but you are being intellectually dishonest if you say that things were balanced before. Crayven was always in need of a boost.

        I should also mention, Nox, that in that match with our turrets, we still just barely won. Turrets are okay, but they are immobile.

  3. And now, people are targeting turrets, and so they’ve lost a lot of the edge they had when they were new. Now people are experienced with them so it negates them somewhat.

  4. I’l try to keep it still simple cause you seem to not understand it:
    – It’s a game breaker no matter which faction has them because.
    – with they current strength and firepower lead to no playable endgames with similar forces on both sides so
    – either they become more easy to kill or they become less powerful and
    – no matter how many points they give cause if both teams have turrets it only switches the side with no option to attack in that hypothetical endgame and also
    – the fact that I won’t have them to deploy as OND does not mean I can’t have them on my team and winning because of them wouldn’t make me think they are a good idea.

    It’s not about winning. It’s about playing.

      • And again….
        We were most certainly going to lose. We had beams, few. They had too. We had meds, few. They had too. They had some scattered Cray units. Our Cray had rage-quitted and we were behind on the score. We didn’t lose because of the turrets. In fact we didn’t see them until the end. The problem is we couldn’t have a nice end game because of them. That could have been an epic final battle but was spoiled by those autocannons… If by now I haven’t been able to make you understand why that things are a bad idea whatever side they are I’m afraid I’m not going to.

  5. I played with in notebook last week and it was impossible to play and I’m still learning the game but I will buy a new mouse and on 27/07 will be already playing.

  6. Turrets have their uses, not having used them yet, they are purely defensive, if the player wants to hide behind them, then that’s their choice, the other players will need to find alternative tactics to negating them. Anyway this is a MOD and not the vanilla game. Are we going to be playing with this version from now on, or what?

    • In fact that’s the idea. We are at the moment a too small community to play two different versions of the same game so unless there’s a big opposition to do so we will play the mod from now on.
      The turrets problem, as I tried to explain above, is they can cut short some end games. Specially those were both teams get there without specs and a small score difference which is normally a sign of a great match and I find it very annoying if any of the teams can then just sit behind an unbreakable wall. I honestly wouldn’t like that on my team.

  7. Hey _NOX_ just wondering why you found the Illuminati map so difficult. If I remember correctly that is a fairly darkish map with some really rough terrain. One of the reasons I created this map, was to try and make it difficult for players to use specials, with the undulating ground, the chances of missing with your special increased considerably. This map favors the rocket terradyne, and using them for hit and run tactics is ideal.

    • Manouvering and moving units even short distances. The meds, for example, got crumpled in a ball again and again even to just turn and move few meters. The same with the beams and even the scouts had problems with those wrinkles. For infantry and arty it would be fine but for anything bigger is considerably uncomfortable… Ask Stat. He probably will explain himself better :0P

      • Nox, your perspective on the turrets is very skewed. I have that match recorded, so obviously I’ll have to cut it as an ep of TSTpGCVL, and you can see that turrets are not what you say they are.

        At the end of that match YOUR SIDE heavily outnumbered us… even with turrets. We ended with only one turret surviving and just basically hung on by our fingernails until the clock ended. AND my Crayven forces were still badly mauled in the open.

      • Thanks for the input, when I play tested it there were some path finding issues, but for me they were minimal, not to the point that it made the map unplayable. If its a map that wont be played that often because of the path finding issues, then I may change it in a future build. Maybe it could be used for infantry and support units only. Path finding has always been an issue with some maps, that’s why it’s so much easier to build large open maps. I would like to know what others thought about it too, as some input would be useful in building future maps.

  8. Hi all, so I felt a little nostalgic and I remembered this AMAZING game of my childhood, also on the plus side I got here

    I was wondering, how can I join you?? I still have my original game, the spanish version tho’, would that affect anything??

    Cheers dudes

    • Hi there and welcome back home :0)
      You will find everything you need to join us on the “new players” section though it basically is
      – the game (yes, I recommend you to install the version linked to avoid problems)
      – The Game Ranger Client
      – The last version of the balance mod
      – The three map packs from Ninja.
      – Join any Friday/Saturday around 22:00 GMT

      You can find links to all those things in left lateral bar at the top of the blog.
      See you on the ground, mate

    • Welcome Cool_Anon, really glad you found us. Once you get on Game Ranger add us all to your friends list, that way you’ll know who is online.

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