There are two kind of sneaks. The ones that go and suddenly appear at your back blowing up half of your stuff and the ones that, having lost the game, fly away few seconds before the end to avoid the screenshot. Although I try to be one of the first kind I still don’t know which ones I hate the most.


gc844_2x1There were a couple of small games before this one but nothing reportable. For once we managed to land at opposite corners… at last! Inter and Sarvik tried to flank through north but the fell flat against the base set in the central north crater. I didn’t see much of what was going on the South but when finally lost that outpost we had a comfortable score lead and their last attempts to take over us were were as brave as fruitless.

gc846_2x1Nice big map. We started tangled in a mess losing more and more points while trying to not get squeezed against the already too crowded corner. Then I succeeded in that second kind of sneaking with two med squads taking down two unaware APCs with their infantries and some beams… The score was for the first time and for the rest of the game, ours.

gc850_2x1Marcos left few seconds before the end of this incredibly well voice coordinated match. One of those games were everything goes smoothly and all the attack and defence attempts work. One of my best games in Ghat’s home stadium.


gc852_2x1It was close. Few seconds more and we would have lost this. An amazing job by Ghat dealing with Crinkle and Marcos While I tried to slow down Carter’s slow and steady advance by the western edge which, at last, we had to abandon and run for it breaking through their lines towards north.

gc853_2x1We were winning this. Then Sarvik took everyone’s breath dancing with his black barred drone in front of our lines and somehow save it. After that… I have no idea what happened but suddenly we were behind on the score without the time or the force to try anything… Seriously. No idea at all.

gc854_2x1Marcos is again the one missing on the screen. I don’t know if we lost concentration after the previous lose but things were getting kind of messy and uncoordinated from our side while they got bolder and much more effective than us.

gc857_2x1If the previous was messy this was a complete disaster. We landed at bottom left and tried to set at top left. By the time we got there we had already lost the game.

gc859_2x1It was Inter the early leaver this time. Another very well coordinated game. Had they pushed a bit more at the beginning and they probably would have got the win but played too defensively instead and let us time to set up positions and scape route.


gc862_2x1Lots of connection problems lead us to unsuccessfully try almost every Game Ranger alternative. It’s weir how sometimes people can connect to games without problems and then the next day it’s literally impossible to host a single match. Anyway. We got lucky at the beginning avoiding losing my APC to mind’s early rush. After that we kept the lead defending our positions against all their not few at all dirty tricks including a devious rear attack that took my freshly painted APC. Ghat. You evil heartless bastard.

That’s all for today. See you on the ground for a nice ballet session. Don’t forget your pink tutus!



5 responses to “sneaks

  1. You know why I left before the screen capture? Got angry because of my ms ping was over 1000 I was furious that this happened I gave a clique to move so hoverdynes after 5 seconds that moved through my internet shit then I decided to leave!

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