the hostiles are us

Great news! Ninja has made some time to rebuild the desert map pack which means
a) No more hostiles in the maps that had them
b) Grids on some of the maps to help with location
Thanks man :O)
Here is the link. You will have to overwrite the previous version of the file in your “GC\data\maps\”  folder

Ninja has just released the hostile free version of the DM map pack. To avoid problems I recommend you to empty your map folder and download again the three map packs.

Now the report which won’t be long as I just could be online on Friday so…


gc792_2x1That was a pretty mess. Carter went alone to the east, I was late to help Crinckle on the north-west and Reaper did a hell of a good job in the central plateau.

gc794_2x1Turrets and lack of coordination sold us out in this one. I have to admit that the Ghat-Darix combo in the centre had a lot to do with our fate… But I’ll blame the gods ¬.¬

gc795_2x1 Turrets had me pretty pissed out at this point and it showed. They tried to coil up and down around the central hill but it was ours and we had no intention of leaving it. I got the impression Inter was thinking about building a house on the top of it.

gc797_2x1 This map leads either to static arty battles or circling around chasing each others’ tails which was exactly what happened in this one. Amazing job by Crinckle while facing Ghat and Stat at south while Darix and Carter were trying to jump over our positions.

Well. That’s all for today. See you on the ground, miladies.


2 responses to “the hostiles are us

  1. Has anyone had time to play the maps with the grid lines on it yet, is it useful, any changes or improvements to be made. I am already busy making more maps, this time no hostile 🙂 I will be using the grid map overlay on all future maps, but if you feel that it could be better applied or rearranged better let me know. Are you happy with the numbers and letters, I will tidy up the numbers and make them straighter.

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