It’s always nice to see old vets coming back


There were plenty more games than the ones depicted here but several crashes, disconnections and some ragequits left me with just these usable screens.

EDIT: Stat has just released a new version for the mod. This version affects also Joxer’s mappack! trying to diminish problems with joining game rooms

The changelog is here. I strongly recommend you to read through it.

The file is here. Notice this time it’s over 17Mb and you will also have to remove the basic maps from your GC/data/maps/ folder.

To make it easier, just delete all .sdf files in the map folder except for the ninja ones.


gc780_2x1 Although this is not a new map at all I can’t help but feeling uneasy when landing on that green mucus looking terrain that seem far more flat than it actually is. The fight was really focused on the centre of the map with everything exploding over Stat’s moaning as in a kind of surreal opera.

gc781_2x1A constant point tie until Shpooky crashed. and we had to run for it and try fortune with a kind almost friendly visit to their rearguard… It didn’t work quite fine.


gc785_2x1That’s what you would call a rape… Oh my that was awful I hope Morsgotha didn’t find his first game since the servers’ shut down too disappointing. Welcome, btw.

gc786_2x1We landed close and I fucked it up badly in the first clash. We ran for the south hill and they fortressed on the north one with a quite big point lead and tight defence. then Reaper somehow managed to sneak some jags to the very core of their base and blew it up giving us the victory… Incredible.

gc788_2x1They did the come back this time. Though, to be honest, I have no idea how they did it. everything was going quite well until few minutes before the end. Stat taking down Sarvik’s APC in a suicidal desperate attack surely helped but what really gave them the point lead was out of my vision scope.

gc790_2x1And, to end the night we game our new comer his SZ massive destruction baptise bath.

That’s all for today. See you on the ground, ladies.


4 responses to “It’s always nice to see old vets coming back

  1. We were wondering where you were bro! Come on down, things are starting to get interesting 😉


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