the vets’ advices

Hi there again! It was an exciting and busy GC weekend but first, let’s wind the clocks back a couple of months when the last episode of The Sand Table took place. There you will be able to hear some gold pieces like
Ghat just after landing.- “Shpooky you are heading the worng way”
Shpooky .- “We are losing by one point”
Carter .- “Then go kill something”
Seriously. Check it out if you haven’t already

Now, the report.


gc741_2x1A 3vs2 DM4 is justa a great way to start the weekend. Minework, drone scouting and a blatantly brave and heroic retreat did the job to stop they constant assaults.

gc745_2x1A very intense one. Stat was gentle enough to wake me up at the very start by blowing up my APC with all the inf inside. After that I couldn’t but give him the favour back and burn down as much of his stuff as possible while dealing with Inter’s savage rushes and Darix did all he could to cover both Marcos and me.

gc752_2x1There are some games when you just fuck it up really bad. This was Sarvik’s time. In the first five minutes and due to a very unlucky DZ he found all his army trapped in a narrow passage and torn to pieces by rockets and moonbursts… After that the game was practically over.

gc753_2x1Bad map for uneven teams and they didn’t want to make it easy from the very beginning with charp rush through DZ6 by Crinck and a solid overprotected base on DZ3. We tried hard to hold positions but all we could do was to slowly lose meter by meter and end up against DZ5 walls.

gc757_2x1DM5 is a good map for uneven teams… if you get ahead in the score cause it’s also a very good map to dig in an impregnable fortress.

gc758_2x1It was, so, time to close the night and send everyone to bed (or whatever) dizzy and tired. That’s what SZ are for. That and to kill a lot of stuff. I keep saying those deployable turrets are overpowered.


gc760_2x1It’s amazing how easy is to cooperate with Darix even though he insist in not grabbing a microphone and being mute. They Tried to cover us in mines and they did but we gently left them the field and ran away to the corner as good veteran whores would do waiting for the clients asking for hot moonbursts on the rocks. And you know what? It worked and I think they even enjoyed it. Point to the old whores.

gc762_2x1Sarvik Overestimated himself… or my speed… don’t know but he overestimated something for sure and I found myself alone against those two psychos… It was one of my best weekends and almost, almost got them with fast flanks and a very nice radar… Close but no cigar, though.

gc765_2x1I hate this map. I just hate those uncomfortable passages, those egg shaped hills… and I hate how brilliantly Ghat plays there… grunt ¬.¬

gc769_2x1Ghat .- “I hate your face”
Doesn’t hearing love declarations like that just make your day? More considering how the previous game was the other way around. We got the dreadful Northwest DZ and they landed at Northeast. Our only hope was to mine the centre before they could reach it… That drone blew up beautifully. Later we had to set up an improvised base at the western border of the map and try to hold their advance from the highlands. IT was pretty close but luck smiled us this time.


gc776_2x1Unbalanced strengths needed something more than skills to hold and hills did the job. They pushed us up North and in fact got me cut off from Marcos making me go all the way around hoping to not be too late… When I arrived I was almost unnecessary as they had worn themselves out against the raining rockets.

gc778_2x1There was a moment. A small fugitive moment when we could have grabbed the match and take the score lead for us… but we shamefully failed when we had to build a coordinated attack and they didn’t let the opportunity pass engulfing us all like a hungry wave… so close… for a moment…

gc779_2x1Damn Jags! I curse you all. We could have lost everything at the hands of those evil snipers but arty miraculously survived a full special and they didn’t survive the arty fire so well. I have the feeling I must have spent all my luck for a couple of months. Hope not.

And to finish a quite long report, here you have some tips about teamwork from, again, The Sand Table. You may not agree with all said here but it’s for sure an interesting and recommendable piece.

See you on the ground my sweet bloodthirsty beloved psychos.


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