it’s not what it seems, darling

Despite the few screens in this post it was a quite nice and active weekend for GC. With people messing around with the new mod and trying new things with the new equipments and stuff added by our handy Stat but for different reasons I got these few ones.
Talking about the mod, there’s a new version for this weekend.
– Here is the download link
(update The mod seems to crash if dc is not installed so we are running last week version for the moment)
– The changelist and the discussion thread (they surely discuss a huge lot!!)


gc709_2x1Night started for me checking out the dota map by Mind which was a complete mess but not as big as this one was. With the radar already planted Elektro and Carter felt brave enough to set an advanced settlement out of its range which led to a horrible slaughter by drones… gc710_2x1Sarvik decided he wanted us dead and he wanted it fast so he just paid us a visit just after landing with arms full of explosive presents. They got lead but after regrouping and coil a bit we coordinated the three armies to give him a hot gratitude for his early kindness.It worked.

gc715_2x1After a fail start the rematch was intense. We flanked, they flanked, both clockwise… so no one was where they were expected to be except for the jags. The jags were exactly where they always are… befriending goats on the hills.

gc719_2x1Eventhough Carter brought Cary to OND home it was what you would expect of a DM1 3vs4. Lots of running. Lots of running over mines. Lots of cursing those mines and a whole bunch of adrenaline.

Aaaaaand. That’s all for today. See you on the ground, sweet “devious bastards”



21 responses to “it’s not what it seems, darling

  1. You forgot that amazing game on NightOps…. Where we lost the lead, Fire ragequit, then we got the lead back…

  2. oh shit i thought that map was fear………………………………………
    its sorrow…………………….

  3. fear is a good map for both cray and ond so it is not a cray map its a neutral but then i realized it was sorrow…………………….. its a fucken cray map XD

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