Hi there sweet lovely pinkie ladies.

I’ve just rebuilt the basic Joxer’s mappack:

– DM Styx
– DM Sorrow
– DM ruins (If Ghat wants to play you 1vs1 here RUN! no matter what.)
– AS2 Dominate
– DM Dota (Made by Mind using Ninja’s video tutorials)
– DM1001 (Yep. There’s a reason you haven’t even noticed this was installed)
I would recommend you to delete all the maps in your folder and install again the basic pack and the ninja ones to keep things clean… but you won’t (again: installing aaaaaall the maps is not a good idea as it increases the problems joining and hosting games)

On another subject related to donwloads and installations. Stat has just released the last version of the ongoing mod
The list of changes is quite endless so:
– Here is the download link
The changelist and the discussion thread

You’ll have to replace the GC\data\Data2.sdf with the one you’ve just downloaded.

Now, the report… though I’m not feeling like saying anything so it will be a pretty silent one this time.


gc668_2x1gc672_2x1 gc675_2x1 gc677_2x1 gc679_2x1





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