the two rooms milestone


Hey there. It’s been an active weekend for the GC community not only we had two simultaneous rooms both Friday and Saturday but we had many multimedia updates. First you can check Mind’s hilarious tips for new players

which I’m going to put in the new players section. Man, you have to do a longer one in the same tone. It would be awesome.

You can also check The Sand Table‘s new commented GC match. A very intense one we won in the very last minute.

… though I still have no idea how we did manage to do so. They completely controlled the first 98% of the macth. Anyway, better start the report but first lets congratulate Carter for he just had his project Reduction greenlit by Steam. Well done, man.


gc574_2x1They got the eastern tongue shaped hill and made a fortress out of it. We coiled up and down, back and forth trying to dodge the minefields which seemed just endless but the hill stood still.

gc576_2x1If I don’t remember it wrong this was a 3vs4 and we had Marcos on our side. They chose a mine strategy again with a very solid and organized display… until we sneaked a couple of squads behind and shook their rearguard making then run in a mess as when you poke an ant hill with a  stick.

gc578_2x1Carter chose to watch and tape the game. It was curious to hear him jumping between Ventrilo channels to see how things were being perceived by each team. They jumped at the beginning trying to mess us up and almost did but we managed to retreat while grabbing the score. As it seems, in Carter’s words we were not as “hungry” as them but maybe they were to ravenous and we coldly evil enough to let them got burn out trying to give us the last blow.

gc582_2x1This one was a big mess cause this is probably not the best map for a 3vs4.

gc583_2x1Solid as a rock wall. Nothing worked from the very beginning and they played taking no risks and punishing our mistakes as a bitter strict math teacher would do. A very well deserved win… and lose.

gc584_2x1This is the one featured in Carter’s video so I will add nothing here.


gc586_2x1They were thirsty and mad. Attacked us as if we just had stolen their homemade porn folder and were about to publish it. They split in two fronts so we decided to focus on the small one and slaughter Sarvik forces to the last man before the other two could react. It was close but it worked and we kept the porn unpublished for future blackmail options.

gc590_2x1They did a very nice job keeping up the pressure and got us cornered in a complete mess without time enough to repair units and trace a proper plan. We just were able to try to stand their attacks without losing too much but we never really had a chance.

gc593_2x1Great team work and ventrilo communications. The main battle was almost all the time around trying to grab and control the central hill with no one actually taking it. The attacks were fierce and sharp and in fact they died breaking through our armies. Fire would have loved this one. No retreat, no surrender.

gc599_2x1Mind is the one missing in the other team. They did a good job defending the south-west quadrant and building there a base but the helps in our team worked too well and at last they got out of shields or specs and we ended up running over their positions burning everything in our path… we are such a friendly charming mates ^,..,^

Well. That’s all for today. More in few minutes on the ground!


5 responses to “the two rooms milestone

  1. LOL, I turn up on a Friday evening and we play the classic maps, I was itching to play some of the maps I made, looks like you guy’s did that after I left 🙂 It’s good to know that some of my maps are becoming regular battlefields to play on…It’s all been worth it in the end.

    • Looking forward to playing this level, I have been waiting for another campaign to be added to this game, there should be more community mods, like your’s..IMHO you have set a very high standard to follow!

  2. My pleasure, Carter :0)
    Ninja. Many of your maps have become regular scenarios for our battles. Brazen, Frogger, Dunes, Chalpit… We really thank you for giving us so many options and places to kill each other ^,..,^
    Hope to see you soon!

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