Awesome intense games and some inexplicable mess

There are so-so GC weekends, fun GC weekends, great GC weekends and then there is last one. An awesome great one. Friday was specially intense withmatches so close and dramatic some of us almost had heart attack episodes. Well, at least I was quite close. But first, here you have the last Sand table GC episode

Now, the report.


gc509_2x1Against all odds we completely dominated this one. Sarvik lost control at the beginning and found himself decimated. On the other hand Crinkle decided to stablish two different bases which troubled their teamwork and made things easier for us.gc513_2x1Inter came to reinforce their team but for some reason the teamwork between Carter Mind and me was specially good that night and we managed to cancel their efforts to break through the small uncomfortable central passage.  gc515_2x1This time we were the overruled. After a failed attempt of a rush we found ourselves trying to deal with two solid bases constantly sending attacking waves. We managed to destroy south one but at a too high cost. It seemed as our luck was gone.

gc520_2x1The came, without any doubt, the most exciting game of the weekend. I hope Carter has this one taped. We got score but slowly and steadily lost our bases. First we lost DZ1 to arty and drones and had to retreat to DZ2. Then Carter got kicked out DZ3 and had to retreat too. We were ahead in the score but cornered and trapped. The last minutes of the game were just epic.

gc525_2x1They got their revenge, though. They dug in the southern hill and covered the lateral exits of our DZ with mines. We coiled, tried to break through each sides but with any success. At last they just did a last victorious run over our positions. We had almost no units left and for sure the coordination was completely scattered.

gc528_2x1This was… well… an absolute mess. For some unknown and ununderstandable reason. Marcos decided to practice some aim on his own team. That said there’s really nothing much to add.

gc529_2x1Time for a mix of teams. Marcos is missing in the screen but his units grew Mind’s score as you can see. A bit of a messy typical trapped-while-trying-to-get-out-of-the-pit game for them.

gc531_2x1We closed the busy night with a slaughter. Stat swept with his rushing boostered heavies at the beginning and stabbed us on the very heart… My poor brand new  polished APC. ó.ò After that they just enjoyed chasing the wounded prey. At least it was a delight to hear them having fun in Ventrilo.


gc534_2x1We landed side to side and they lost the initial fight. 2 APCs and a lot of beams fell in the first minutes. After that we just had to repel their attacks and play around our mine shield.

gc536_2x1Marcos seems to have a lucky star. I think is inter the one missing in the screen but as this is the one featured in Carter’s video I’ll say no more.

gc538_2x1A suicidal fast rush almost broke us. they got score and decimated all our three armies. From there we had to coil right and left with a hit and run strategy to recover score. First we took down the radars, and having them almost blind we slowly ground them unit by unit until we got the score back and ran away as eminent victorious cowards.gc542_2x1Then it came an El cajón game we promised to forget as it had never happened so I’ll skip to next one. A really fun 2vs3 Brazen. The big comfy desert. We landed close but they decided not to run over us but to try to trap us before we had time to move. They were too slow and our mines shielded good while we fought in our retreat to a more distant corner to place a nice base they eventually conquered but losing almost everything. We slipped away in the last moment with just 2 scouts, 2 meds, a forgotten infantry and my APC. They couldn’t have done anything even with more time.

gc547_2x1A very interesting one  to close the night, the weekend and this report. Stat tried some very vision enhancers on his jags but I was too slow with my meds. We got the lead almost all the game but they kept the pressure and finally got it back obliging us to step out in the open and once there they just finished the job.

Well… that was a long report. More in few minutes on the ground, miladies.


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