full rooms, new players and beautiful-not-quite-effective explosions

Crowded Friday, also Saturday for a bit. Some new faces and tons of specs and adrenaline spilled. Mostly default maps though as the new guy had some problems installing the packs… anyone knows anything about Ninja? I miss him. I miss Joxer too… and Echo… let’s better start with the report


vFpDcTo_2x1AS you can see I wasn’t in this game. I mean I wasn’t actually playing but I surely was in Ventrilo listening to Stat’s excited retransmition. No one lives matches as he does. It was fun to imagine what was happening and what was each player doing. BTW. I think Marcos ( a new player) and Reaper were playing this one but left too early.

gc489_2x1Elektro on our side, and Reaper on theirs are the two missing from this screenshot. They got the central DZ and didn’t waste a second before jumping over our pit hole exit. It was funny because the real reason we weren’t able to get out was a beautiful line of Elektro’s principals. They kept delivering blow after blow and if it weren’t for Sarvik and Darix astounding flank we would have miserably lost in that claustrophobic DZ.

gc490_2x1I don’t really know how they managed to swept him out so fast but after Sarvik got slaughtered in DZ3 we just became overloaded. Arty showering over us, squads entering from all sides… One of those games you just suffer cause there’s nothing else to do.

gc492_2x1We got our revenge, though. Despite Ghat’s brilliant rear flank and Crinckle’s efficient defence of their own we managed to break through and get score. Being the front line too dangerous they decided to go and try to surround us by north with all their remaining forces. But after Darix unlucky meeting with one of my beams and then the whole Marco’s army they got trapped in the top left corner and their heads were rightfully chopped.


gc498_2x1A very intense one. We landed side by side. Constant air raids crossed the the pretty close lines while on the ground a chaos of missing specs, arty fire and units blowing up tried to hold each base. I don’t know how Ghat manages to do such a good work with offensive beams but they are for sure not my cup of tea.

gc501_2x1We were winning… we were but their counter-attack was focused, strong and unstoppable. They made such a strong base in DZ3 that it seemed they actually landed there and had been sitting on those rocks from the beginning. A great well coordinated move, guys.

gc504_2x1We were supposed to win this quite easy. The forces were a bit skewed but it turned out to be tougher than we expected. Stat did what he does better. He rushed like a thirsty demon over us I tried to shield Marcos and deflect the attack and it partially worked but meanwhile Reaper flank got trapped in the middle of Compu and Shpooky unexpected base. They had run away as far as they could which made it quite difficult to give Reaper any help. All in all I managed to get there and after a big mess we set things back to normality.

See you on the ground, little ladies.


2 responses to “full rooms, new players and beautiful-not-quite-effective explosions

  1. Hi, I am still around, but I have been very busy at work trying to implement and test some software, so most of my evenings are taken up or i am too tired to play my favorite game! The project is soon coming to an end so i should have my life back 🙂
    I promise I will be back, it’s great that the rooms are full and that we have new bloods joining us!!
    See you on the ground…soon

    • Hey! Nice to know you are fine and that we’ll have you back on the field. Take care man and don’t work too much. It’s bad for health :0)

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