the weirdest Friday

Hi there.

Last Friday was one of the most strange since we started playing GC back. Not only because we were unexpectedly few  but also because everything was slow and blurred. The fact I was quite tired and sleepy may have helped a lot there but, anyway, there was nothing much to report so, instead, here you have an hilarious great video by Carter on the Ghost map. Seriously, A must see… and hear :O)

And now, Saturday.

gc451_2x1Balanced teams and close scores are the perfect recipe for a good game and this was a great one. No one got the central DZ or the rare ones so each team had its pit from which try to scape in time. They got a nice fortress and the score but it finally fell under too much pressure from all sides.

Pity after that Elektro tried to manage the biggest light swarm I’ve ever seen on a map which made it almost impossible for them to win even after a savage rear strike by Sarvik who swept out almost all my beams before I could do anything. I haven’t got any screen of that cause, well, nobody stayed long enough but it was worth mentioning

gc453_2x1Then Darix and Sarvik got their revenge in this map. It was nice to see Elektro and Shpooky trying to coordinate an attack over their positions after Sarvik took again almost all my stuff out of the map… I’m not sure if I should start taking it as something personal ò.Ô

gc457_2x1And, to close the night, A fun mess with chaos, confusion, explosions and Darix playing the annoying card. Mines, jags and attack aerodines targeting not the scorezone but the DZs… I’ll kill you, latin lover.

So… that’s all for this week, ladies. See you tomorrow on the ground.


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