screenshot sabotage, mine obsession and a kidnapping

Too many titles, too many subjects and a joke. Just keep reading.


gc442_2x1Here Darix starting his row of screenshot spoiling… Apart form that, it was a very tight game. We started getting ahead in the score despite missing Fire’s APC by little. Then they managed to build a very strong assault on our position taking the advantage back. From there we had to attack with almost nothing left… a tie… a demo missed my APC, their radar blew up… they attacked with the few units still alive… We got lucky and my infantry earned a well deserved medal.

gc444_2x1This time was Shpooky the one leaving too soon. Summarizing this is easy: Mines. I have nothing against mines. I use them but bringing them in ridiculous amounts to a 3vs4 is lame. It spoils the game and converts it in a slaughter. Seriously, guys. That’s a stupid tactic. Effective, for sure, but stupid.

gc446_2x1Same teams, same thing. In a normal case with that score difference I would have suicided my last scout when it was the only thing left on our team with 5 minutes to end but in this conditions I wouldn’t and I didn’t. The small team is already overpowered… I can’t understand it…

gc447_2x1Again Darix running away too soon. To their credit I have to say they almost got our rear and therefore the score but in this pathfinding hell recovering a losing score is just too hard.

gc448_2x1We….. tried…. to… … … what were we doing here again? Oh, yes, play. Calvin hosted this one and no. He is not exactly a dream of a host.


There are few good reasons to miss a GC night. Apart from dead or a big orgy with a rainfall of drugs, there’s also to be kidnapped by a naughty pack of wild wolves and that was exactly why I missed the action last Saturday so this time it will be Mind the one in charge of the report for that day. Here, the picture asking for the ransom and my proof:


(Edit: Second part of the report may or may not be uploaded but in any case I’ll make the post public for the moment )


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