the exploding party

Hi there you all. Here you have the report of the mischiefs and battles all over Krig 7B’s surface. It was a nice Friday and I won’t say it was a weak Saturday cause there we weren’t too few players but it was shorter than ususal. Noe, the report:


gc423_2x1If any of those four on the other team ever acusses me of using too many mines I’ll eat their hearts raw as all answer… fucking bloody hell. I think Inter alone dropped a full DS of scouts. That map is big but no matter where we went. You couldn’t say the difference between our units and a bag of pop corn going off. I only hope it was tasty.

gc425_2x1Overwhelmed over flooded and outgunned. Despite they’d already hey took the central hill and both flanks, they were greedy enough to hunt us down to the last man to have our spot. OUR SPOT! That couldn’t be tolerate. That couldn’t be forgotten and at all forgiven… ò,..,ó

gc427_2x1So blood thirsty and rightfully mad as we were by then we jumped on them as a bunch of hungry psychos. We didn’t let them go out their grave to be DZ. No matter how much it hurt. It wasn’t enough.

gc429_2x1We tried to repeat feast and victory but they had another ideas and as it turned out they were better ideas than ours. At least more realistic. Yep. We got them running to the hills but by then it was too late to recover the score or to kill them all.


gc433_2x1Sarv and I striding comfortably along the central southern hill and Compu doing his own battle on the distant north. I guess the mix of a horrible DZ and the confusion of having an all surrounding battle front gave us a big advantage.

gc436_2x1We started lossing by points despite we were clearly holding positions and gaining space. First we managed to get them out DZ6. Then we managed to blow an incipient base in the central entrance to 4 and set a nice advanced outpost in DZ3 but still we were back in the score. Slowly and steadily we started making our way to they rearguard. They had score but not enough units left to stop us. Probably the most intense and enjoyable match of the weekend.

gc439_2x1The score may make it seem otherwise but it was really close. If the time were a bit longer we wouldn’t have been able to stand on the ground. No APCs, No shields, no anything. A nice game played all over a not at all small map.

Aaaaaand that’s all folks. See you on that rocky ground in few minutes!!!


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