the chase

Yes, I’m late. No I’m not going to make excuses so, yes, I’m a lazy bastard and without any more fuss, let’s go to the actual report:


gc385_2x1Here we have the debut in the blog of an enthusiastic new player, Ajan and also one of his first GC online games which allow us to play somehow “balanced” 2vs3 games. They played fiercely and they probably deserved to win but… there’s no mercy on the field even for the braves and the pince maneuver just crushed them inbetween.

gc393_2x1This is the one that names the post. We started worse than bad. We let them get the initiative, got communication problems, got covered in minefields, confused and disoriented… we scaped from our own DZ now turned into an explosive coffin by a narrow corner not mined and started the come back. After moments of chaos came the actual chasing. Crinck and Reaper trying to scape with their APC’s my bloodthirsty frustrated units all along the north border… they fell without time enough to repair and organise a proper effective attack… Damn that was exciting.


gc399_2x1Ok. Templars are pretty useless but they make a final screen like no one. They played most of the game with one player less as Elektro kinda committed suicide due to be in a hurry for unknown reasons. After that, well. To their credit I have to say they did a pretty good job in a game they obviously couldn’t win.

gc410_2x1A big mess for a  start from which we came out ahead in the score still don’t know how and got cornered wanted it or not trying to stop their constant attacks in a very uncomfortable place. Again, I have no idea how we managed to win this.

gc411_2x1Weird game. I felt like trying to catch an escaping front line. I guess we just didn’t manage to get coordinated and they did but all I can say is how fucking scarying were Inter’s beams all in a bunch at the end of the game. It seemed as if he didn’t have to use them in all game.

gc416_2x1It was close. It was maddeningly close. After a clumsy almost barbarian fight in the middle and a sneaky treacherous jag flank by ghat they retreated and built themselves a fortress tougher than Helm’s deep. After several attempts we did break in, we did get the score, and I lost it not retreating in time… grunt. That’s all I’m going to say… grunt! ¬.¬

gc417_2x1Great game by Stat who fought like the mad brave rushing enthusiast he is. I just tried to cover and help as my skills seemed to be somewhere around the north pole who knows doing what. Special mention to tShpooky’s thorough de-mining of our own mine fields… If I wasn’t running short of specs I’m sure I would had shot his APC…


gc418_2x1Yep. There was a sunday although a bit short. This one is just to show how different it is to defend a base from attacking if or playing a normal DM. I felt sorry for Ghat all game long. We won that one without  any problems at all and we could perfectly have lost with same teams in a normal DM.

Anyway. I’m packing my moonburst and getting my beams ready for action. See you one the ground, little sadistic ladies.

[_nOx_ ]

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