the connection curse

If there’s something that have always haunted GC it’s the connection engine. My connection was doing funny things so I wasn’t sure if I could play at all and having that in mind it turned out to be a reasonably good weekend with a ot of people showing up. but with not so many being able to play specially on Saturday.


gc370_2x1It looks big but it’s not. Once you land you have not much time before the first enemy units start to show up asking for a beer and apparently getting quite angry when you give them some moonburst instead. It’s a tricky map with many passages and pathfinding issues which all together makes it very difficult to come back once you get behind on the score.

gc371_2x1Three dropship maps have revealed themselves as a great solution to balance 4vs3 games. The bigger team still has 1 APC more and one extra commander to do things at the same time though. It was a very raw fight from the beginning with Ghat having the worse part on it. After that we established a nice loose base to deal with Darix and Reaper fierce flanks.

gc373_2x1Shpooky wanted it. Almost begged. I swear. I don’t know if that was out of a subconscious masochist need but he wanted to be heavily pounded… and so he was. We were not sure if we should fall over him and slaughter his army or do a sneaky attack on the other team while they tried to do so. At last we decided to do a mix and it worked quite well.

gc376_2x1Uncomfortable among the uncomfortables. The central part of that map is a traffic hell. They got the lead and we horribly failed to get back in the game. Every attack or flank got smashed against that monster castle with fangs and rockets. That means: “Good job guys. You’ll pay for that.”

gc379_2x1If they hadn’t landed so close to us we wouldn’t have won cause everyone has three full DS but things wouldn’t be for sure so chaotic and painful.  With that we just run east and west the very top edge until no units were left.


gc380_2x1The night started with a full room but lag and connection problems left us with just 4 and even then lag was so heavy that I don’t think it’s worth commenting them as it seems I was (the host) the only one not watching the squads doing figure skating as if we were competing in Sochi.

gc381_2x1Just one tip to give: Shpooky. It’s not a good idea to just hide and wait. It works veeeery few times and you leave your team mates playing an uneven team in practical terms for most part of the game.

Anyway. I’ve got my connection fixed so I hope this weekend the action would have no lag to spoil it. See you on the ground, sweet ladies.


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