tactical retreats and a stupid night

It was a very umbalanced weekend. A great Friday  with a row games with just 1 player replacement in one of the teams making the instensity sloping up and a Saturday kind of… lame.


gc325_2x1We did manage to coordinate quite well at the beginning but as the game go on we kinda desynchronized and at the end we were just playing at a completely different pace. That and the fact they did a pretty nice solid work gave them the game.

gc327_2x1Room got full and after the usual I-don’t-have-this-map problems we ended in uncomfortable movement land. We got a slightly advantage from very early in the game and then slowly retreat our front lines to the south-east corner while they kept constant pressure from west and north. Quite close and fun.

gc331_2x1Carter came back to replace Compuguy, Fire started to “cheer us up” with his tunes but despite this we managed to, again, get a small lead and they play it while retreating deeper and deeper in our DZ. Quite close again. One of those games where you find yourself wondering how could they managed to keep sending more and more units considering your team has run out of shield and units and they are back in the score.

gc335_2x1But This time the replacement was Ghat… we were just fucked. We somehow managed to hold not too bad at the beginning and we even got ahead in the score but then they grip closed, shpooky freaked out as he found himself surrounded and, well. It was too much to recover from.

gc339_2x1It was too evident that at this point we did run out of ideas. We tried several flanks but they were dug too deep and to solidly in the southern hill for us to be able to dream with coming back in the score. The night finished with a tie between both teams.


gc342_2x1Oh my! What a dreadful night… We started with a 2vs3 where our two new players decided to run for it up to the very most distant edge from the other team which leaded to a slow point bleeding due to their coordinated attacks, their nicely placed radars and their extensive mining. By when I convinced them to attack we were too far behind on the score to have any real chance.

gc343_2x1Then they begged for a FFA with no rules that Crinkle set to Wimpy damage… Saying I hated it does not grab the reality of what I felt…

gc346_2x1And when we were starting to get in job with Joxer to fill a 3vs3. When we managed to do a great start, jumping on them as maniacs (I was really pissed), holding the score to a even 300 vs 300 despite Elektro’s inexplicable suicide being ahead in the score, just few second before the end of an intense thrilling game… GameRanger Crashed for all of us and refused to work again for an hour more… Grunt, regrunt and megagrunt… ¬.¬

With that said it’s obvious I’m as revenge-thirsty as one can be so… see you on the ground, little ugly ladies!


One response to “tactical retreats and a stupid night

  1. Craseo la partida? Vaya que pena. Yo realmente pense que los enemigos estavan más al norte i queria atacarles por la espalda que va muy bien ya que les puedes meter unos hellfire por el culo (Literalmente) que no se dan quenta que no estan con la camara detras si no en el frente i les pillas el blindaje trasero. Pero me encontre con unidades refagadas con un APC que me lo cargue por cierto 😀 Pero todos los enemigos fueron hacia mi intente hacerles una emboscado con los coetes pero no tube tiempo de organizarme i ahí con los escudos frente a frente con los craybens no tenia ninguna posiblidad i estaba solo en ese sitio los creyben son buenos en terrenos montañosos como The Towers donde con una arty un radar i cohetes te haces un bunquer inexpugnable i si llevas minas para bloquear caminos i los tanques medios de combate te metes delante de ellos dejas que usen sus esqudos de energia contra tus disparos especiales i llevas los choetes detras de los de combate i cuando se acaban los esqudos les metes los hellfire disparando por detras de los tanques de combate i si intentan huir les bloqueas con el arty disparaado de antes. Pero en esa ocasion en no conozerme para nada el mapa (que pensava que era más montañoso por los colores del suelo) me salio mál la estrateguia.

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