run to the hills!!!!

This January couldn’t have been better for GC… well, Ok, it could but it’s been really good anyway. New people coming to play (no, we have no idea how the hell they’ve found us) Long nights of consecutive very intense games and full rooms. What else could you ask for? (Ok, ok I can think myself of some right now but I was trying to be optimistic so shut up and enjoy) TheSandTable has been busy uploading great commented ingame videos. As they are from some of the game I’m going to report I’m not sure about how to link them so if you have suggestions I’ll be very happy to consider them.


gc295_2x1With one almost completely new player per team (apparently calvin was really new to GC multiplayer, just rusty) appart from elektro who’s playing skills seem to be slowly improving we played a nice DM4 were despite Darix’s monster efforts to win we comfortably got controlled from the very beginning.

gc301_2x1Shpooky also came back from exile to play some games with us.
“where are you going?”
“I dont’t know”
“don’t stay in the middle”
Really rusty, to be honest.

This time it was them who got easily the driving seat, the copilot and even the passenger ones.

gc303_2x1We were too slow. I lost my APC in the first 4 mins. They played very solid and managed to get us locked, trapped and cornered. Great “commando” gameplay by Stat hitting when he was more annoying when he was less wanted.

gc305_2x1Afte the previous fiasco we put everything on the table and it seemed we got them … but we also found ourselves with almost anything left but Shpooky’s army left… Too much responsibility for a new player.

gc310_2x1The ately usual crazy SZ to end the night and show Stat the novelty. I’m not sure he liked it…


gc313_2x1A very frontal game with a relatively narrow war front line going back and forth around the small lonely west peak. It was quite close but communications made the difference.

gc314_2x1The jewel of the weekend and the one that gives name to this post. One of the most intense games in last months and luckily taped by Carter. Check it out.

It started calmly but when after the first contact it’s just a non-stop-adrenaline-burner until a very representative silence at 7 mins to the end. Worth viewing. Thanks a lot Carter.

gc318_2x1This one was a joy to play. Ghat covering North where Darix was trying to flank, Sarvik blocking their constant pounding by south and me running from here to there trying to help along the eastern wall. As I said, A pleasure to play.

gc321_2x1On the contrary this was a pain. No rules, Fire getting obliterated in the very first minutes and AI units throwing more than annoying specials all over the map… One of those you want to finish and forget as soon as possible.

gc322_2x1And, after several weeks asking for it, Fire got an Defcom map. I’m not very fan of it but I have to admit that Ghat and Mind made a very good job defending that goddamn base.

That’s all for today… Damn. I though there were more Videos from this week on The Sand Table… Anyway, watch out! if I see you on the ground I’ll be probably trying to kill you.


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