mods, full rooms and genius sneaky bastards

The beginning of the year it’s being really intense with rooms full of people and long nights of games But first of all I have to recover this video from the previous week. I simply love it through and through.

Thanks a lot Mind!

Now, the report. Friday:

gc275_2x1I was feeling under the weather so when I joined the room quite late last Friday just to say hi I wasn’t expecting to stay and play… but one thing lead to another and… I found myself in Jag’s dreamland not really sure about what I was doing or going to do but everyone was pretty active and happy so it was fun anyway. Can’t say much more about it. It’s quite blurred in my memory.

gc276_2x1Ghat came then in the place of Elektro (who is steadily improving) and things went better but not enough. they played solidly and after ruining our early rush over DZ6 they jsut got us.

gc280_2x1Then we tried another version of Stat’s mod (I loved to have him online again)  and this time I got my revenge. Ok. It’s true everyone was more focused on trying new things like the aeros new weapon or the non-ballistic artillery than in actually playing but those APCs and beams felt gloriously anyway.


gc286_2x1Darix tried hard. He really tried but it wasn’t his night. Being Stat distracted by some sexy real world curves he found himself back in the score and alone with two Crays deeply dug in the mountains. Even without microphone you could hear his desperation. We almost felt sorry… almost.

gc288_2x1Despite landing in the worst and most uncomfortable of this map DZ we managed not only to get out fast but to give the first blows in the match. I got trapped anyway but the rest of the team was doing a great job up the western mountains. So good that my captors on the northern hill became the trapped ones at the end of the game.

gc290_2x1I’m happy we are playing this map again. I know it can be a nightmare when everything goes wrong, and it’s very easy to go that way, but when things work here it’s just bliss. Audio communication was smooth and we managed to coordinate on the full map without seams with fast helps and rotations. Summarizing. I loved this one.

gc291_2x1This was really fun. Everyone trying to deactivate neighbour’s DZ until at last just Carter and me got working ones left and we started a bloody war trying to erase each other from the map… which was clever and sneakily used by Ghat to just win in the last moment by points. We were so focused on trying to kill each other that we completely forgot about that treacherous bastard… It was a great way to close the night.

Well… That’s all for today. More in few minutes on the ground, sweet ladies.


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