Happy new Earth year from Krig!

Here [_nOx_] reporting from the field hospital. After being bitten by a local wild animal and the lieutenant Hannah I’ve contracted a weird alien version of flu and adquired a nice mark on the left butt cheek. The beast is ok though. Not so the animal, who perished because of the infection.

Anyway. Before the late report I have to point out The Sand Table has been quite busy uploading new episodes like this that happened long ago but I still remember. I love that thing. I wouldn’t expect me to remember any as my memory is horrible but I’m able to remember if not all, most of the games I’ve played.

It is very interesting to watch the games from someone else’s perspective. You can check there also a couple (initiation 1a, initiation 1b) of videos of that lovely and tender games when a new player finds how he is without a team against a vet… I wish I had mines taped.
Now, the report.

Friday (the only day I managed to be online):

gc230_2x1I don’t care Sarvik rage-quitted before the end of the game. It was my only victory of the night so I’m putting it no matter what. They tried to shower us from DZ6 but it went quite wrong. After that they had to try and attack our fortress on DZ1 and so they did but we hold the place and the game.

gc234_2x1That was, as I’ve said, the last victory of the night for me. After something similar to a suicide and consequent rage-quit by Fire, we inexplicably couldn’t hold the game. I guess Carter was trying new things commentating but he got carried away and ended up just commentating… our defeat. They were fucking brave. I have to give them that.

gc237_2x1And again. Their bravery gave them the game. They were losing by score just few seconds before the bell rang. Artillery and jags had done their jobs at keeping everybody away but once they broke into… we just couldn’t hold them back.

gc246_2x1Radars are life. The flew at the beginning of the game ad took the centre for sure. . We we tried to plat our radar we were already covered in mines and under arty and rocket fire. Apart from a couple of lucky nice rear hits, we were sentenced after the first 5 minutes.

And…. that was all for today. The nurses are switching the lights off and they are too hairy and muscled for me to even think about disobeying.

Take care out there. There’s a lot of bugs that bite.


2 responses to “Happy new Earth year from Krig!

  1. Happy New Year!!! Sorry I haven’t been around much, had lots to do and not time to do it in!! Hopefully things are starting to settle down again and I should start joining a few games again. See you on the ground!

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