cocktail mix

Between work and Christmas obligations it’s been a mess of a month for me so I’ll try to summarize the activity on the surface of Krig 7B in a bunch of screens.

gc153_2x1The main new feature thanks to Crinckle is probably the no-rules SZ games. Crazy, intense, exhausting and in the case of this specific map, a bit unbalance towards the lucky guys who drop in the borders of the map.

gc161_2x1One thing I love of GC is it fairness. If you are rusty, it shows. If you are new, you can’t beat a vet no matter how much luck you have. In this case. Joxer was the rusty old vet and Elektro our newcomer. We suffered in this one.

gc164_2x1Team chat has become very important lately in games and sometimes when the communication are open you can even hear the despair after you actually crushed all the options in one really lucky late ship landing. Check it out here.

gc166_2x1One of those in-the-last-second victories. I have to say the if it weren’t for Joxer’s bravery (and his drone explosion) we would have lost that one for sure.

gc175_2x1One of my favourite map. It’s like a doughnut inside a doughnut. We kept the pressure alternating attacks from north and west. I love when the coordination works that smooth.

gc184_2x1An example of the opposite. A two speed team. Me, slow and trying to position. Them, rushing with fire in the veins… Result: We got swept but not without a fight ò,.,Ô

gc196_2x1All revenges have a start. This one the necessary start. We got decimated over mines and then pounded really hard. There was no option.

gc198_2x1And then we got the blood we were eager for. Great teamwork. Everything just worked as it should and even the sneaky Crinckle’s rear attack was not enough. I loved this one.

gc202_2x1I would rename this map as “the fortress” Once the south team digs in that hill is hard as hell to get up there.

gc206_2x1Amazing early game by Joxer who seems not rusty any more. After the his initial 9 to 1 (including in that 9 an arty) we just had to maintain that lead stopping their attacking waves.

gc212_2x1And, as it has been in every GC night, we finish with a crazy stuff blowing SZ.

I won’t be able to join you today :O/ I’ll miss you.



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