Nice GC weekend with the stellar visit of Echo not to play but to let us know about her rear-ending issues by chat to Crinckles’ delight. Damn I miss her.We also had the visit of several spambots at the forum but CM already got rid of all the stuff and let the forum bright clean. Apart from that: chaos! Chaos and fun.


gc114_2x1Intense game. Carter tried to set a base on one of the few peaks of the map but Sarvik decided he wanted it for himslef. Crinck and I tried to punish their west flank and Elektro thouroughly swept all the centre of the map looking out for mines with his entire army. It was hypnotic to see his units blowing up in the distance :O)

gc119_2x1He did far better in this one. It was close in many meanings. We fought almost all game from the opposite hillsides of the same minimal elevation at the top centre of the map. At last, the first team to flank won the game.

gc126_2x1Crinckle has been somehow melancholic about weird old game types so he set up this 2vs2vs2 Score Zone with no rules… a continuum of overlapping explosions all over the central hill. Need a special mention those annoying vortex. It was crazy but more craziness was to come.


gc131_2x1Realism is not one of my favourite maps. I don’t hate it. Can’t say exactly what’s wrong. Maybe it’s too big, maybe it has some difficult spots where a come back is almost impossible… I don’t know. They won the starting mining fight. We knew we couldn’t assault the central fortress from east with Elektro landing on the map for the first time so we sent some squads of suicide meds and beams all around the map to pay a visit and see if we could also talk about the last fashion in rear-ending techniques, have a coffee and blow some stuff up as, for example, Crinck’s APC. It worked great. There were even cookies! After that we managed to stop their counter attack losing almost everything in the process.

gc134_2x1And… A no limit 3vs3 AS1. Crinckle, you are mad. I don’t know how long it was but I think it could easily have been around one hour long. Well. You all know how this map is. An hour of almost not time even to breath. It was tiring but I also have to admit I loved it.

More in few moment on the ground, my beloved pretty ladies.


2 responses to “madness!

  1. Great evening, sorry I left early.. anyway the SZ game was real chaotic, do you still score points for killing units, or only when you are in the SZ?
    It was good to see Echo again, even if she only listened to us chatting and her typing!!

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