I hate you… and I love it

I’ve just finished Today GC round and I’m still laughing. But that will be for next week’s post. Now,  the Review itself.

Another inconstant weekend and although Crinckle seems to doubt it I think the time shifting has messed us up a bit.


gc061_2x1  We had some connection incompatibilities so it took an hour to be able to launch a game and it was our new guest Elektro who save the night. We almost lost by points running over mines but bell saved us just in time.

gc063_2x1It was nice to see Subby and Ninja after quite some time. After losing DZ6 they managed to set a really good defence all along DZ4 and 5 but Fire was inspired and slowly break through Dz5 squeezing them against the southern walls of DZ4… He also broke our ears singing through ventrilo… but that’s another story.


gc067_2x1When I came Ninja and Elektro were leaving after a couple of 1vs1. Later we had a couple of 2vs2 with Joxer exercising his Cray abilities. Diagnose: They are rusty. :OP Darix jumped like mad at the very start and almost got us but we got away slightly ahead on the score. Then it was a matter of trusting in Darix amazing minesweeping skills and some squad dancing … aaaand 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3♪

gc072_2x1Then Justinian came again with W8 compatibility problems and when we were about to leave mind came back from the dead lands of the afk and we played some weird and really fun-funny games as this ffa no rules SZ1… Just great. Damn I got beaten hard :OP


3 responses to “I hate you… and I love it

  1. It was good to be back, the first match of the evening was a very close game, had I kept at least one unit alive, we would have won it on points. I like those sort of games, where 1 mistake could make all the difference between winning and losing. It was great to have a new player on the field, thankfully he saved the evening by having a great connection. The video for the game is up on my youtube channel if anyone is interested…

  2. It was my bad that me and Crinkle lost, I wasn’t concentrating and lost several units when I moved them away from the LZ, I was concentrating on [Fires] antics that I forgot about my beams and meds, until they were been shot at and destroyed!! Great game and I really enjoyed it, first time I got 30 points in an actual game!!!

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