chase me down

Last weekend was inconstant with a very nice Friday and an almost non-existent Saturday which led Crinckle to come up with an interesting new 1vs1 kind of game. Let’s start from the beginning.


gc048_2x1Although this is not exactly my favourite map it was great intense game. A bold Inter got us the lead. Carter got himself trapped in the top right corner and that would have been great for us if we hadn’t to deal with Crinckle and Fire’s advance from east. In fact it was us the one actually trapped in our DZ. At the end artillery and good team work did the trick.

gc052_2x1After a long absence Justinian came to full the house despite some problems with framerate and W8. It was intense and despite having two Cray we constantly moved up and down along the western edge holding the battle front almost static. It was actually that Cray firepower what gave us the game.

gc055_2x1An old DM7 to end the night with again a lot of mobility. Much more than what is expected in a Fear game. Sarvik said at the end all credit was to Darix and me though I disagree. It was because the other team was pretty busy making him retreat from DZ6 that Darix and me were able to flank and break through DZ3 and DZ2 resulting in them defending their DZ clung to the risk at the north passage entrance. A fun one.


gc059_2x1Well, after waiting for a long time Crinckle came up with an interesting idea. 3 dropships vs 1 ds in an open map as brazen. The rules: No air, no boosters and the one with 3DS couldn’t use scouts. The idea is of course that the one with 1DS is going to bring all scouts and mines while the other has to hunt in less than 15 mins. It was tough and close, especially for a pair of running away cowards as Crinckle and me. I think it’s a very interesting way of play a 1vs1 and we probably should give it a try when the room is not exactly crowded.

That’s all for today, ladies. More in few minutes on the ground!


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