few but intense

First things first (no, it’s not about maps this time) Carter has released a couple of The Sand Table episodes (meaning comented games) This one could have “cat and mouse” or “the waiting game” for title. Lot’s of tension and uncertainty. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Now, the report.


gc026_2x1Night started not very crowded… and it kept that way though we had people enough for some 2vs2.

This one was an example of how much we fear and respect each other. I took us about 5 minutes to star engaging and shooting specials. It was the start of a great night for Darix.

gc029_2x1Strange choice for so few players but it turned out a great match. They got the centre, we go the top right pit from which I bravely ran away as fast as I could leaving Darix fighting a partial 2vs1 he almost won. Then a couple of flanks and some mines turned over the scoreboard. I enjoyed that one a lot.


gc036_2x1After a lot of months absent PhyberOptix paid us a visit. Quite rusty but that let us build some spicy 2vs3 quite balanced. In this one we played a kind of WWI trench front with them slowly pushing our lines and finally breaking through cornering our remaining units. It was damn close.

gc039_2x1We wanted revenge but they seemed to have very different intentions and we found ourselves defending DZ1 backs against the walls from their crazy early rush. That was great and intense.

gc042_2x1A deceiving game. We landed bottom left. They had top left. We quickly decided to run and set a base in the bottom right crater leaving behind some nice presents in the form of mine packs… Judging from Darix curses and laments, It worked great. From there we just had to defend our perimeter and eventually (again) run away when things started to turn ugly.

Aaaaand… that’s all for today my beloved little barbie collecting ladies. More in few hours on the ground!


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