1vs1… I kinda missed them

A nice weekend, all in all. A very active Friday and a mild Saturday with Ghat coming late again which led to a small improvised 1vs1 tournament among Ghat, Crinkle and myself. It’s been a long time since I played the last 1vs1. Was nice for a change.

BTW: Mind’s dota inspired map works. At least between him and me. Try to download it and we may check it out.


gc896_2x1You could say we ate them with chips. They tried to flank us from both sides but Ghat was insufferable effective and Crinkle was solid as rock. That north west corner was ours and we had no intention to give it away. (BTW Darix is missing in that screen)

gc897_2x1Very active one with units constantly popping out from the shadows at the map borders. Scouts are definitely good eyes for arty.

gc903_2x1This one the first time I’ve played this map and it felt just as they had put us in one of those magic boxes where the magician keeps stabbing swords from everyside. Ghat landing just 1DS was something I really thanked.

gc909_2x1A really close one with a last exciting fight. We had the numbers, they had the APCs… Numbers(and running) won


gc912_2x1A slow constant squeeze against the corner with a very solid grip we couldn’t break despite we tried several times. The hell had just started.

gc914_2x1A thorough meticulous mining work. Damn we blew up as we were just celebrating the quality of their job. Well… we tried… and failed. Specially me. At some point That scoreboard was something like Crinckle 31, [_nOx_] … 5. No comments.

gc920_2x1At this point we were just as bloodthirsty as a pair of psycho maniacs after a long time locked in a room with reggeton at full volume. We just jumped on them like two beasts trapped. It worked great.

More this night on the ground, ladies :0)


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