some stellar starrings

It was an inconstant weekend with a quite busy Friday and a somehow deserted Saturday. Fun games though.


gc878_2x1Night started with a nice big map with a lot of movement, flanks, synchronized attacks, teamwork and mines. A great welcome back for our missed Joxer.

gc882_2x1BD showed up after a long, long time not very rusty I have to say. Not a place for his rolling ball, though. There was a great mess around the central overmined hill we weren’t able to solve in time. They did a quite solid teamwork instead.

gc885_2x1This was the second time we played this map. It started with a long, loooooooong tense waiting from both sides until it ignited just about 8 minutes to end. with all units mixed in 2 or three chaotic balls.

gc891_2x1A classic to close the night. We might have won this but I won’t forgive Ghat those 2 med squads his offensive beams destroyed… I just wont ò.ó


gc893_2x1Well… Let’s say fate wasn’t kind to let us play. This was the only game of the night and I fucking heavily messed up there. They mined well, attacked well and run away even better. Darix did good and we both surely tried. Damn I want my revenge…

More this night on the ground!


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