honor codes

And, yet again, first things first. As some of you may know from the GCvets facebook page or even the actual Sand Table channel, Carter’s done a really nice video about GC. I love to see those beams and think “hey, that’s me!” :0)

And now, the subject that titles this post.

As far as I know it wasn’t very common to play 2vs3 or 3vs4 on the old days but the lack of players has made us to get used to them. I usually place myself on the small team so I’m quite familiar to the problems of having one player down and recent repeated strategies as the one played in this screenshot have decided me to make this post.

gc838_2x14vs3 in a tower map. Yes. You can fill the map with mines, bring arty and camp in a base, you will most certainly win but that’s not the point. We are all vets on both sides so that strategy is plainly not fair. Effective but not fair. The only hope for the small team is to move and get as much score as it can and then run away as fast as possible but if you fill the map with mines you take away from them that option so they just can stay after lossing some squads and wait you to attack. Ok. It’s an option but if you don’t even attack it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

So, when playing agains a smaller team mind this:
– Bring 1 scout at most.
– Don’t plant a base and wait them to do the job. Be brave and make them sweat. They are already a player down. I don’t mean to behave foolishly and commit suicide. I just mean not to seat and wait. Cause otherwise you’ll make that player angry and it will lead to games like this other one

gc839_2x1Where we just looked like savage bloodthirsty psychopaths on a full moon night.

And now… the actual report


gc852_2x1It was a great weekend and specially a great Friday. Long and intense. It started for me with this a bit chaotic DM4. BTW. We have to solve our problems with the new maps cause I miss Ninjas’ maps a bit

gc855_2x1This map still surprises me. I didn’t know it had a DZ at the bottom middle… anyway. A great team work holding the central hill and cutting their flanks with nice fast helps.

gc856_2x1A great work by Crinckle. He runs away as no one else :0P

gc858_2x1That flank from south taking over our rearguard hurt a lot… We have to play this map a bit more. I still get disoriented there.

gc862_2x1A nice defence and then a quite too bold but luckily happy ended attack to close the night. It was quite late by then


gc863_2x1What a mess and what a mining pain. We tried to flank after see how a professional minefield was to be properly built to find they had mines enough to welcome us from the other side… I still want a rematch ¬.¬

gc864_2x1We tried to get our revenge but the timing was not exactly good and they managed to hamper our attack quite easily. Well. At least we tried.

gc867_2x1Orion seems to be Crinkles map as DM4 is mine or DM3 is ghat’s. At least it seems he feels quite comfortable there. If you play with him there, just be a barrier first and then a bait. It’ll work great.

gc870_2x1This time we did manage to have a great timing with helps and coordination in what ended being a all map DM1 classic game with chasings, base defends, flanks and mines. I love DM1.

gc873_2x1And we were actually going to close the night Ghat and Compu came to start a row of painful games for my side. We managed somehow well in this one thanks to mines and open space but…

gc876_2x1This was my definition of hell on Krig 7B surface… Damn we had no choice there.

gc877_2x1Then they decided to set a Viking damage on my second home town: DM4. Revenge was served and I ate it all. Lights with boosters literally never worked so fine for me.

That’s all little ladies. More in few minutes on the ground!


One response to “honor codes

  1. I am surprised that some vets still haven’t downloaded the new maps that I made. As I haven’t made anymore maps, it should give everyone a chance to get the same version, and then we can finally start playing some of my maps again.

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