Tons of mines and enthusiastic shouts

We tried to play last Mind’s dota map but due to versions problems we couldn’t and it was mostly a classic map weekend for me and although I love many of Ninja’s maps I also do love our never getting old default maps. Let’s see if we can try it out today.


gc822_2x1we had the nice visit of Aquar123. One of those cases that played a lot of GC but never tried it online. I think he liked the experience. I honestly did shit in this match but Crinckle was simply amazing defending the rock. The bottom left DZ. Tons of mines and enthusiastic shouts.

gc825_2x1slow constant filing clenching and smashing us against the wall of our own DZ. It was close but a last desperate charge wasn’t enough to revert the score.

gc830_2x1This was quite calm and smooth. Everything seemed to be under control from the very beginning and we managed to circle and then strangle their defending base.


gc832_2x1Carter needed some footage for his channel The sand table so he was taping all the night from a “neutral” team. This was a catch the rabbit game. With Crinckle and me wandering up and down the very borders of the map trying to avoid the grip they wanted to put on us… It worked

gc834_2x1And they they got their revenge by just raping us off with a strong constant and firm attack. We, and specially I, got ran over with no remorse or compassion. ó.ò

gc837_2x1We almost won this and I still think we would have done that if Carter hadn’t given them enough points at the beginning… I’ll spank you for this, sweetie. Apart from that it was really intense and at least I got Mind’s Apc with a last charge of the inf… banzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!!!!!

More in few minutes on the ground!!


2 responses to “Tons of mines and enthusiastic shouts

  1. Bro… I gave them points, but I also killed some of their units… So I figured it balanced. Besides… I needed Cray footage of that map, and realized everyone but I was Order.

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