heads for dinner (and other sweet bed tales)

First things first. Yes. I’m talking about maps.

As we have been having several issues to play after last update, please, do the following:

DELETE ALL the files in your maps folder
Go to the map section and install Joxer’s basic map pack and the three Ninja’s map packs…

Let’s see if this way we manage to get rid of that “no start button” situations

Last Friday I came just in time to join the last game of the night… and then crash when it had just begun… ¬.¬ so I’ll post Ninja’s videos of that day instead. Obviously with no comments by my part.


gc791_2x1After Carter’s rage quit in the first game and then Sarvik and Reaper’s one in the next one, I was able at last to take a usable screenshot. An intense Tower with not much movement along the map but a lot of action in our corner from we almost weren’t able to break through. Nice pincer, Darix.

gc802_2x1DZ6 should be renamed as Crinckle’s lair. Getting him out of there is almost as convincing ants to get out of the sugar. It was a long close slow game I really thought we had lost. No idea how we managed to hold both the position and the score.

gc804_2x1It was… We try to… It felt like… Nevermind. Just consider this an official warning: Crinkle, Ghat: I want your heads for dinner ¬.¬

More in few hours on the Ground!


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