exploring the unexplored

One of the best things of the new maps is I feel as if I were exploring new parts of our beloved Krig7B. The bad parts are obviously the problems with the versions and the hosting problems but they really feel great. Don’t forget to update them if you haven’t already from the map section!

Last weekend we had long intense game nights and I’m getting used to use Ninja’s videos to illustrate the matches. I learn a lot when they are from the other team’s point of view.


gc761_2x1We started trying out the new maps of the the very-really-absolutely-new-brand-shiny-updated-revised-revenged Ninja desert mappack. This is a Stinx alike one. Good for cray, just playable for OND. Carter and Fire had a bad time waking up and those sadistic bastards took advantage. How could they dare!

gc764_2x1The map was a bit more open and we were a bit more awake not enough though but this time we took some of that evil units with us to the grave.

gc767_2x1Trapped in the north passage running from east to west and back again with a lucky radar making out with an ams and our units singing in the (arty) rain…. Well… Ghat and I did run. Crinckle is a stubborn brave and made a stand defending the holy Xenofact. It could have looked like he was in fact hiding behind it but no. He was just praying to the sun.

gc773_2x1They went angry. Really angry and despite it was no longer an 3vs4 and we kept the teams the fell on us like a bunch of bloodthirsty fanatics. They got lead and trapped us in our own DZ covering us in mines. Coming back was really just a matter of luck.

gc776_2x1Ghat losing in “his” map with Cray is a rare thing to see. It was probably because they managed to attack in turns. First Reaper with an aggressive flank, then Carter trying to catch up with the remains of Reaper’s forces and then, at last the yellow caravan of tanks. Had they waited more for each other, they probably would have won cause every single attack reached the very inner centre of our base.


gc778_2x1(video for this match)
Due to some mysterious problem Darix was no longer able to play nearly none of Ninja’s maps so it was a classic map night. starting with an intense DM4. I love 3vs4 in this map (Inter left before the score screen) Ghat and Crinkle made a nice and effective front barrier while I tried to deal with and almost lost to a really heavy rear attack by Darix. After that we had no other choice but run to the hills and try to defend them while retreating… It was really close.

gc780_2x1(video for this match)
Ghat used his Godlike Jag skills to save our asses in this one. I lost almost a dropship at the beginning to a bold Inter rush and we barely managed to stand 1 point behind in the score but with few options to attack a nice set defence against a the eastern wall. After that miraculous  stroke they spent too much time deciding to punch back and the ring saved us.

gc784_2x1(video for this match)
Nice warmonger-like 3DS map. Very complex and with many options to flank and combine attacks… also to mine. Inter alone took 4 scout squads so after getting ahead in the score we just decided to try to guard our tiny corner. It was hard and we almost fail to a combined flank by Darix and Crinkle along the very border of the map.

See you on the ground, ladies!


One response to “exploring the unexplored

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the games I was involved in. As a player I still have my favourite side, the Cray’s I feel awkward using the OND units, but that’s just my opinion. Micro managing so many squads is difficult and doing it properly only really comes with experience. I still feel that we really should communicate more through Ventrilo, as this can make the difference in a game. You can tell in most games which teams use it more. Anyway I’m glad that my maps are been played more now, don’t worry I wont be releasing any-more until the new year! Promise.

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