voice chat rules

With most players on holidays I have to say last Friday was pretty intense. Though not enough for Mind considering his “is that it already?” just before the GR and Ventrilo room went empty after some nice games but before the report: don’t forget to update your desert map- pack with the latest update by Ninja!!! Thanks man.
Edit: Ninja, our laborius map ant worker, uploaded updates for his other two pack the day after I posted this so check the map section download the new map packs and delete the previous versions

gc750_2x1(video for this match)
It all started with a great map and a precocious quit by Reaper. His south flank almost worked and their defence of the northest ridge was quite solid but the rolling barrel worked fine for us. Thanks for the flower pot, Mind. I really did appreciate it.

gc754_2x1(video for this match)
A close landing at the north of a classic Tower. They quite had the beginning of the game and their mines made us take a trip all around the map to quite successfully attack their back along the west border of the map.

gc757_2x1(video for this match)
It was painful. Fast, blunt and painful. Ghat just wiped us out of the map at the very beginning and we were unable to react in time. When we try to do so we were too far behind in the score and our armies were too scattered and weak.

gc759_2x1This was the only game on Saturday. Strange connection problems were to blame. Ghat decided to enjoy the honourable job of suicide mine sweeping with great success. After that we tried to flank through what we discovered was their other radar range but we managed to come back, recover the score and proudly bravely run away like happy scared rabbits. They tried to chase us but this time our radar range and mines did the trick.

Aaaaand… that’s all fo today, folks. More in few moments on the ground!! :0)


7 responses to “voice chat rules

  1. Footage of the games I took part in last week are on my YouTube channel, it would be great if we actually used ventrilo more in our games, as trying to coordinate our movement and attack doesn’t really work if we don’t talk.and end up getting in each others way or second guessing what each team member is doing.

  2. I LOLLED at ‘thanks for the flowerpot, Mind.’ Looks like you got your wish after all! Naughty tanks.

    Keep up the good games guys.

  3. Mind was kind enough to bring that drone just for me to hunt and I’m really grateful for that but he is right: Come here and fight, you sisi coward bastard… We miss you ò.Ô

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