New ways of playing games

Daily we see an increment of new, more complex and potent gadgets on the market, to the point that some games that only big machines supported in the past are currently at the reach of a thin tablet.  These new forms of approaching and playing the games might attract larger audiences due to the extremely easy and intuitive way that games can be experienced.

Take the example the next clip to realize how things might be in the future.

Also interesting to see, Overwolf brings a new experience for games with an “addon” that gives you access to social-networks, browser, recording , sharing, etc. Basically you can do lots of things while playing the game.
(I Still didn’t test it with GC, but will do ASAP)

Update: after some tests it doesn’t work for GC

Video below:

As a community dedicated to a game that was released more than a decade ago we are concentrated into getting more players, perhaps to see Ground Control available at a platform like a tablet and for free would allow a large number of people to experience the game, in a more simple and fast way than it would be by using a normal computer. The feeling of having the platform to do exactly what you want at the touch of a finger is surelly a new experience. Some development studios are in fact making efforts to “import” PC/Console games into tablets, and following a previous post, even homeworld is already a reality for tablet.

See here:

Surelly this story will have a follow up.


In other news worth of mention:

  • A new Map-pack is being prepared by Ninja with updates and a new and single SDF  file to replace the others allowing us to be more organized. As usual the pack will be available for download here on the blog as soon as it’s done.
  • Massive was contacted in order to make a reference to our community in their website, more precisely in the Ground Control section. A swift answer was given and our wishes were made true! At least whoever goes in that page will know that the Story of Ground Control didn’t end in 2008, year that Massive lost the rights over the GC series. It is also worth mentioning that in that answer this was written: “All the guys here who worked on it(GC) feel truly honored about it! “.


2 responses to “New ways of playing games

  1. First of all, it would be great if GC could be played on tablet and mobile devices, it would certainly attract more people to the game. I for one would certainly welcome this.
    Secondly the new desert map pack has been released, I decided not to release it as one big sdf file, well not for now anyway.

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