the other side

Last Saturday I was quite far away from home trying to do something nice in a photography contest along Joxer so as the report is going to be very brief I’ll use a couple of Ninja’s videos to complete it. Check his channel. There are a lot more there.

Watching GC videos may teach you a lot. Specially if you can now see the other team’s point of view as in the next first video. They are both taped and uploaded by Ninja and from two weeks ago.

They lost just because the were blind. No useful radars always meeting the enemy units (us) when they were just about spec them. Otherwise it probably should’ve gone very differently

I hadn’t post a screen of this one because of the early leaving but hey, video doesn’t mind about that. I really enjoyed this one. It was intense and I was fucking lucky. That usually helps a lot ^,.,^

Now the small report

gc739_2x1England 0 – Spain 1
Chalkpit is probably one of the best maps from Ninja. It’s nice and versatile. Joxer was in an attack mood so I just had to cover him and follow his units into enemy field. We caught them by surprise and so they almost did when Ninja dropped his second DS just at our back.

gc743_2x1It’s always great to play alongside Ghat in 2vs3 games. I love them. We were quite lucky with mines and them not managing to build coordinated simultaneous attacks.

Aaaaand…. That’s all. I said it was going to be brief, didn’t I?

More on the ground in few moments, guys :0)


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