shell showers and wimpy sucking damage

Another soft but intense weekend. Surely intenser than I expected.


gc715_2x1It started quite equal… it escalated quite quickly and pretty bad for them. They had a new guy, EllMar, a Nija’s workmate who, as it seems, despite of being still learning kicked Carter and Ninja’s asses in the previous game.

gc721_2x1A DM7 is a good place to learn GC. A static classic map… if they hadn’t brought so many arties. Yes it was raining shells but the had too few thing to cover them and Joxer’s flank through DZ3 caught them by surprise. From there it was just all downhill.


gc725_2x1 It was a long chatty night with few games. Ventrilo rules. WE played a weird wimpy damage one on this lovely map. It was weird. So weird that Stat would call it refreshing. Ordes of drones and heavies against bad tempered beams and mines. We got the beams they got the explosions ^,.,^

gc730_2x1A proper Europe versus North America DM dog faced battle. They mined, we flanked, got their APCs and then slowly took down the remains until they decided to shout banzaaaaaaaaaai… and finally die.
The old world strikes hard ò.Ô

And with most people on holidays that was all. More in few minutes on the ground!!


One response to “shell showers and wimpy sucking damage

  1. I need to point out that Carter was on the funny stuff again that Friday evening, so his senses were rather dulled and he didn’t play as well as could be expected, luckily we don’t drug test after every game!! LOL But a great evening, enjoyed it a lot.

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